Mexican silver is a valuable metal, with an exciting history that you are sure to love. It begins in the year 1521, when the Spaniards conquered Mexico, giving themselves to the arduous task of traversing the geography, in order to find silver deposits.

However, it was in the middle of the 16th century, when the most important mines in the country were found. in places like Zumpango, State of Mexico, Taxco, Guerrero. Similarly, in the old territory of Nueva Galicia, which encompassed the current areas of Jalisco, Zacatecas, San Luís Potosí, Durango, Nayarit, Aguas Calientes and Colima.

As you can see, the magnificent ore abounded in many fields; but the exploitation began in Zacatecas; when the conqueror Juan de Tolosa received a stone from an indigenous, discovering that it contained an excellent silver law. For this reason, he managed to attract the attention of Governor Cristóbal de Oñate; along with other colonialists, to extract the metal from that place.

The beginnings of that mining activity are powerfully striking; due to the recruiting of the personnel, with more than 500 Indians sent from the central zone of Mexico, a large number of black slaves and many missionaries. In addition to the deployment of so many people, transportation of food, tools, raw material; There were many problems inside the mine, such as the water flooding large parts of the place and the difficult way to get it out, the lack of communications, among other complications.

It is worth mentioning that in that same century, the mint was founded, which would be the first in the American Continent; With it, a system was created for the manufacture of silver pieces made by hand, one by one, with the blow of the hammer. These coins were called reales, improving their production with the introduction of steering wheel minting machines; being then unique in its kind.

However, the most impressive of Mexican silver; it was the wonderful art of turning it into jewels and precious objects; giving rise to a mythical artistic tradition that emerged in pre-Hispanic times. The Spanish silversmiths, coming from the mother country, were in charge of capturing different Hispanic and European designs; combining the multiple knowledge of the indigenous people to work silver, making majestic garments. In the “YouTube” channel “Canal de lossabadosensanangel”, you will be able to appreciate Mexican silver jewelry, brought from Taxco, Guerrero.

At present, in conjunction with customary techniques in the manufacture of silver jewelry, you can notice the use of amazing alloys; also great inlays and combinations in amethyst, turquoise, obsidian, opal, malachite. The mother-of-pearl shell, jet, pearls, lapis lazuli, amber, jade are also recreated; in the most abundant mineral, from such an exquisite land.

Mexico is the world’s leading producer of silver, reaching 1,081 million ounces; induced by the manufacture of bars, coins and jewelry. The historical value in the presence of the beautiful pieces is unquestionable, identifying the attractive past of the Aztec lands, with the innovative present in the representative jewels of Mexican goldsmithing.