What motivates a married man with children to establish and maintain another family at the same time? There are those who think that having two women makes them more men, more successful, more self-confident, when reality shows everything contrary. The double life causes very dangerous situations that bring with them anguish and serious disorders.

The cowardice of a man who does not face his problems and prefers to hide a parallel relationship can cause serious disorders to the entire family group and especially to the children.

The man exposes himself to suffering psychological problems and causing problems to the children he maintains with two families; what begins as a pleasant and fun adventure can end in real hell.

The men who enter the double life do not imagine everything that is coming their way, because in addition to falling into bigamy, they are making a decision that will cause much suffering to the members of the two families, especially the children.

But how do you get to this? Generally, these are people who usually have an identity disorder, they do not know who they are, or what they want, that is why they seek several lives of the same kind at the same time, without realizing that they will actually find happiness when they meet each other. themselves.

Specialists, for their part, recommend thinking very carefully before entering a double life. Those who cause this type of situation must bear in mind that by trying to have an extramarital relationship, they are not only doing serious psychological damage to themselves, but it will also affect their formal partner.

Economic problems also come to the fore in this type of situation, because you cannot support two families and hide what they do in their time alone.

The key question in this situation is what to do. Psychologists recommend that the decision be up to each couple, because if they accept it, it means that they tolerate it and must make the decision to continue with that person even if it is not the most appropriate path.


In recent years, the number of women infected with HIV/AIDS has exceeded the statistics for men worldwide. Every day there are more housewives affected by this deadly disease. There is a lot of infidelity in marriages accompanied by machismo and other problems such as alcoholism, drug addiction and lack of information. The man goes out, he doesn’t protect himself and the wife at home can’t tell him to use condoms.

According to data on the web, homosexuals and prostitutes maintain incredibly low rates of HIV/AIDS infection, it has been proven that these groups protect themselves more than heterosexuals.