Monday, January 14, 2015. Comedy actress Melissa McCarthy has drastically changed her figure, and she looks completely different after shedding just over 40 pounds. Melissa was overweight which was worrying and harmful to her health.

We were used to seeing her with her usual overweight, but with the change; his face, his skin and his expression have become different. The actress herself said that she was serious about modifying her eating habits. McCarthy, she was always curvy and we remember her as Sookie; the nice cook of the series Gilmore Girlsbut after a while he experienced a surprising weight gain due to dietary carelessness and junk food.

Although she always maintained her firm position regarding not caring about the state of her physique, she made the best decision to start taking care of herself. In the course of time since we saw the change, Melissa commented on the steps of her new figure: she basically started by giving up all junk food; make a diet in fiber, free of carbohydrates and sugar; drink green tea to detoxify your body; eat more chicken, eggs, fish, and turkey. He also did some exercise for his movies, that is, he resumed or adopted a healthier life; feeling happier and better about herself.

The actress made us witness to her change this week by presenting her new clothing line for all types of women. This is called Sevenand it’s not limited to the perfection sold by the most popular design houses.

As modern women we must know that our body and spirit are in full connection, so assuming a new image does not presuppose vanity; but start taking care of ourselves. It is important to know that obesity is risky, it leads to hypertension, diabetes and sudden heart attacks. To change our physical appearance, it is essential to be clear about how we choose to lead our life and decide if we want it to be healthy or with irreversible vices.

Modifying our body requires discipline and commitment for our health. It is essential to attend an appointment with the nutritionist, who advises us regarding the appropriate methods to lose weight; because we are not all the same and we do not have to develop the same activities. Melissa McCarthy is 45 years old and wants to continue with her new lifestyle; becoming an example of care and self-love for all women.