Women worldwide tend to follow the footsteps of their fashion icons, as these always look perfect, impeccably dressed, and above all, beautiful. There is no doubt these girls have an impact on the female population. They seem to teach us how to look new pieces of clothes in an original manner, and we definitely want to be guided towards their fashionable style. Here are presented some famous artists that have become fashion icons with many followers, discover what they are wearing and select your favorite.

Gigi Hadid: This American model has definitely quickly become one of the best dressed, and is followed by many women. Gigi has won the seat for model of the year, being one of the best friends of Kendall Jenner, who together weigh heavily in terms of taste. This girl, with just 20 years old, has been featured in countless magazines, including Vogue. Besides she is the image of the renowned firm Guess. With a rather relaxed style, yet super “chic”, she takes time in the modeling industry to avoid monotony and, most definitely, she has shown that curvy is also in vogue.

Kylie Jenner: This girl of only 18 years old, has been one of the stars of the famous reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians ” where she and her sisters, are among the most exclusive stars in Hollywood. Kylie, unlike her sisters of her, has come to be a lover of fashion, setting trends for her spectacular costumes and good taste of her; It has not only broken the barriers of fashion with a dark style, but she has also managed to integrate different hair colors in a rather extravagant way. She is a rising fashion icon!

Chiara Ferragini: Social networks have become a very useful tool for those girls who want to stand out, and Chiara took advantage of this media. Although she is not a Hollywood star like previous girls, she ´she has excelled in the field of fashion and social networks; with lots of followers, she has filled the world with her unique style, setting trends. In addition, she is the owner of a shoes brand called ”
Chiara Ferragni Collection”

Kim Kardashian: We couldn’t miss one of the three Kardashian sisters, and also half-sister of Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Kim has always been known for her beauty and good taste in dress styles and she was considered a fashion icon immediately after her reality show. No doubt, she always had a good taste for clothes, and her mother de ella Kris Jenner, insisted she dressed well since childhood.

Definitely all women love fashion. Which of these women is your favourite?