Gold jewelry has signified wealth, success, prosperity, and power. Since its discovery, many cultures around the world have been fascinated by its brilliance, beauty and value; in turn, they used it as an ornament, a complement in the decoration of the most precious objects; also as ointment, elixir and food. Likewise, since its appearance, it has led to the progressive development of various nations. Since ancient times, gold has been known in Egypt, Mesopotamia and India, whose inhabitants added salts of this metal to their dishesconsidering that eating gold brought them good luck. The Chinese, for their part, considered that wearing gold garments as an amulet gave them long life and even immortality; the Celtic civilization saw gold as a natural element with extraordinary magical powers; and the pharaohs of the oldest dynasty, they wore gold bracelets and rings to ward off madness.

However, in our days, gold continues to have important connotations and great meanings in the life of man, from a material perspective, but also spiritual. It is said that wearing a gold ring with engraved initials is equivalent to having divine protection, which will drive away envy and bad energies. Being a metal associated with success and fortune, wearing a gold object, even if it is small, is very positive and a good omen. On the other hand, nowadays, children in India protect themselves with tiny gold amulets; and the Christians preserve the pagan customs of protecting themselves with crucifixes and crosses made of this brilliant metal. Similarly, in Chinese medicine, the principle of Yin and Yang holds that, by placing gold needles, the energy balance of all people can be achieved. Also, to achieve harmony in times of bad vibrations, gold jewelry can be worn on the right side of the body. This leads to prosperity in all aspects. In this sense, the power of gold is also given by certain energetic and spiritual characteristics that it possesses; which means, that he is able to modify the aura of people, giving them a golden color. This color is the one that saints have in their aura, and is related to spirituality, purity and altruism.

Gold is the maximum of energy in jewelry or clothing. In general, it should always be carried with you, as it will generate positivity, activity, movement, attraction and charisma. Likewise, the golden ornaments are metaphysically related to the sun. The sun represents power and warmth; likewise, gold jewelry is believed to project these characteristics onto those who wear it.

Do not forget that gold jewelry is incorruptible and that, in addition to being used as decorations, they confer a great spiritual representation, capable of transmitting a message without words. Wearing them, you will gain energy, presence and style. They are a true treasure full of splendor!