The Hierophant is a card belonging to the Tarot, with great power and meaning; it is an important card, especially for those who follow a strict religious lifestyle. This card outshines an entire roll when it appears.

The Hierophant shows the figure of a man sitting on a throne with columns behind. He is wearing a headdress, a triple crown that represents the psychic, spiritual and material power. With his right hand he is blessing and his left he is holding a scepter with 3 crosses, symbolizing power. At his feet he are two kneeling monks waiting for his blessing from him. One wearing red clothes, representing the action and the other black clothes, who personifies submission. The scroll is the symbol of the knowledge acquired.

The spiritual and temporal power are presented in this card; power and obedience to God’s will, respect the order, the transmission of universal laws to the world. It means that what happens is what is marked by fate.

The Hierophant is a symbol of the need to adapt to the rules or predetermined situations. Which appears in a reading can show that you are struggling with a force, which is not free spirit. Groups can be enriching or stifling, depending on the circumstances.

In normal position, the letter is widely linked to the Orthodox religion and theology, as well as representing the traditional education, man of high social position. These are the superficial meanings of this card because the Pope represents a whole biblical story of the creation of man and woman by God. It is also usually related to the power exercised over others.

If it is inverted, it means that you have a keen sense of originality, you are not afraid to take on new projects because you have an open mind. Truly accept responsibility for finding your own way and begin to form your original ideas. Recognizing the spirit of liberty that shines into the soul, it is the new adventures that make you feel many different sensations.

Someone will listen to your ideas, so you will never be afraid to say what you think or do what feels best. Have the courage of your convictions, a frank attitude in life, but only if you are trying to learn from the actions, be responsive to them.

  • The Hierophan suggestions:
  • Explore new beliefs.
  • Learn to listen.
  • Give credit to what others say.
  • Volunteer to help in charities. Teach wisdom and love.

Remember to always be attentive to what cards appear on the sides of this, and if it appears normal or inverted, it depends on the meaning of it in the passage of your life.