Since ancient times, gems or precious stones as they are also known, have been valued and admired not only for their energetic and healing qualities, but also for their beauty and perfection. Therefore, they are used in different objects, mainly amulets and jewelry.

However, whether for its energetic or ornamental qualities the most important characteristic when choosing a gem is the color, because in addition to being the most striking factor, it is believed that according to him, these will have certain powers and will even transmit a special feeling, capable of influencing us with their energy. Join us to know the meaning of the gems in their different colors:

red gems: they transmit encouragement, strength and courage to us; well it is about the color of life, sexuality, fire and passion. Among the main representatives of the color we have garnet, ruby, spinel, tourmaline and zircon.

pink gems: because it is a relaxing color and also the color of love, these gems are capable of transmitting and making us feel affection, love and protection. The main ones are: rose quartz, kunzite, morganite, sapphire and tourmaline.

white gems: represent the color of purity par excellence, however they also they transmit innocence and goodness to us; besides being the color that symbolizes peace. The best known gems are: adularia, pearl, jade, diamond and quartz.

blue gems: It is the color of tranquility, fidelity and the divine, therefore gems such as sapphire, aquamarine, lapis lazuli and tanzanite among others, they convey a sense of calm and peace; and allow us to contact our divinity.

yellow gems: they symbolize the energy of the sun, joy and happiness; being the ideal gems to stimulate joy, mental activity and positive energy. Its main exponents are: citrine, quartz, agate, diamond and sapphire.

orange gems: They represent energy, success, encouragement and creativity. They are special to attract ideas and provide greater vitality. The most famous gems are: spessartine garnet, fire opal, imperial topaz, tourmaline and moonstone.

green gems: they represent health, harmony, nature and fertility; being for this reason, considered the most relaxing color that exists. Among its most famous gems we have the emerald, jade, peridot, sapphire, apatite.

black gems: obsidian, onyx, jet, hematite and tourmaline exhibit this color that is characterized by representing mystery, stability and elegance. Although it also has negative connotations, such as death and evil; transmits power and total protection.

gray gems: symbolizes neutrality, maturity and absence of energy. It is because of that These gems are associated with independence, self-sufficiency, and self-control.. Some of them are: spinel, fluorite, tourmaline and moonstone.

Violet gems: For being the color of transmutation, transformation and change, these gems transmit us peace, spirituality and the impulse to fight fears. Among them we have: amethyst, fluorite, lavender jade, chalcedony and zoisite.

brown gems: for being the color of mother earth. These gems convey feelings of stability, support, comfort and responsibility. Some gems of this color are: smoky quartz, imperial topaz, agate, tiger’s eye and diamond.

Gems are definitely more than an ornamental object, but now that you know their meaning, we ask you, do you have one or several favorite colors?