The First Letter of our name has an important meaning in our lives and could reveal more information than we usually think. According to numerology, each letter of the alphabet has a different meaning and could contain the answers to questions that we do not know. But also this First Letter it has the power to affect our personality and destiny.

However, today many parents choose names for their children based solely on their wishes or tastes. Which according to Vedic astrology represents a mistake, because they do it without thinking about how this will affect their life and personality. Therefore, it is believed that the appropriate name should be chosen after a good analysis.

Let us remember that the name we have is more than a word used to recognize us, it is part of our identity and personality. But it will also be part of us from our birth and even after our death, which reveals its importance. This is how the First Letter of our name is the one that will prevail over the others and it is the one that we will hear the most in our lives. But also the one that will give us special power and energy.

Join us to discover the secrets that hide behind the First Letter of our name, what it says about us and how it affects us.


People whose names have First Letter the “A” possess leadership qualities and have the power to reach heights of success through their wisdom and intelligence. These people are very ambitious, direct and more focused towards their destiny. Also, these people like others to follow them and work according to their choices.


Names that start with the letter “B” are hypersensitive and like to be pampered by others. These people want attention all the time, and if you ignore them, you might see their worst side. Loving and caring is all that the letter “B” stands for. This is the reason why they enjoy being with family and friends all the time.


People who appear under the letter “C” are good motivators and their communication skills can impress anyone. These people have a reservoir of talent that they want to use to help others. They are very optimistic, full of creative energy and enthusiasm. Also, the way they talk and communicate with people hints that they can be great motivational speakers.


The «D» as First Letter it means discipline and now you can guess what kind of people they are. These people are very disciplined and enterprising. You should think twice before opening your mouth in front of them. You can call it their ego, but it is their personality that they cannot change. These people believe in life instead of just dreaming to achieve something.


People whose name begins with «E» are quiet imaginative and intellectual. These people like to be more in themselves by driving their own imagination instead of thinking about the outside world. You can often call them creative when it comes to generating an idea or brainstorming new things. These people can be good artists, music directors, writers, etc.


Names that start with the letter “F” are very hot-tempered and can get angry even over a little thing. These people hate lies and that is the reason they have anger issues. Apart from this, they are very affectionate, kind, loyal and honest. But if you are on his bad terms, you will surely see his worst side.


People who fall under the letter “G” are perfectionists and want everything to be done the right way. These people are very active and cannot sit in one chair all day thinking about unnecessary things. Due to their perfectionistic ways, G people are extremely selective when choosing a partner. They will prefer to remain single rather than choose a partner who does not match their mindset.


People who start with the letter “H” are nature lovers and think more about the surroundings and the environment. These people are very hygienic and want everything to be clean and tidy around them. You will often see them planting a tree around the road or watering the plants or engaging in some clean environment activities.


People whose name starts with “I” are more inclined towards technology and modern things. These people are very fond of trendy and branded things. You will often see them with brand name clothes, shoes, wrist watch, etc. Apart from this, these people spend a lot of time using social networks, playing online games and searching for new things on the Internet. You can also call them social butterflies.


If your name has First Letter the «J» means that he has great physical energy and that becomes the main reason for his success. These people are highly ambitious, focused, and extremely active. Therefore, you want a life partner who can help you excel in the future. These people wish to have an intelligent person as their better half. These people can be good fighters, athletes, pilots, etc.


People who fall under the letter “K” are quite romantic, reserved, affectionate and have the power to hide their emotions in front of others. These people are very serious when it comes to relationships and matters related to love. If you are looking for a life partner, look for someone who starts with the letter K. Pure-hearted people who can help you in every situation without greed or selfishness.


People whose name begins with “L” are generally people who think too much and like to get into the roots of a certain situation. These people dig into the matter until it is resolved. However, this nature can be detrimental to them at times as overthinking things can also affect their health and mind.

As you can see, these are not all the letters of the alphabet, so if your First Letter does not appear in this list, we invite you to be attentive to the second part of this article where we will address the rest of them.