The fire element is one of the regents present in several cultures, to which the origin of the Universe itself and of humanity is pointed out. Also present in various ancient beliefs such as esotericism and Freemasonry. The significance of the fire element has become such that there is even an entire religion centered around its worship.

In Ancient Egypt, fire was seen as a representation of the Sun on Earth. Sign of vitality and health, this element was revered by primitive peoples, whose beliefs were collected by the anthropologist, James George Frazer. From rituals in bonfires, to the use of ashes, fire has proven to be an important engine for the development of the necessary activities in the life of the human being.

The Fire Festivals are one of the most famous festivals that govern around the power of fire, seeing it as a supply of light, which remains among men in order to benefit purification rites, and destruction of all evil. The power of life over darkness, as exemplified by the spirit of the luminous principle.

Another meaning that Frazer summarized in ‘The Golden Bough’ is that early peasants danced around bonfires during specific seasons, such as All Hallows’ Eve, celebrated on October 31; Christmas Eve, celebrated on December 24; and the eve of the epiphany of the three kings, celebrated on January 6.

On the other hand, fire represents for astrology as one of the basic forces that governs part of the zodiacal signs, but he also maintains influence over the rest of his celestial companions. According to the specialist, Ana Fernández, the basic forces are part of the creation of the senses that allow the perception of sensations.

“Elements encompass everything that we normally perceive and experience. It is true that they symbolize the four states of matter described in modern physics, and, in the case of fire this element refers to a universal radiant energy, an energy that is excitable, enthusiastic and that, through its light, brings color to the world.”

Likewise, another sacramental meaning of fire is established through Zoroastrianism. Originating in the earliest settlements that Iran counted during the 2nd century BC, this conception of fire gives it the power to connect believers with their deities, allowing the duality of elevating the sacrifice offered to the gods to its heavenly resting place, such as enabling a means of communication to receive messages sent by the deities.

Fire is an element that has materialized the overcoming of human beings at different levels and areas of their lives, from the scientific and industrial to the spiritual and religious. Symbol of character, life, and desire, fire allows you to go beyond barriers, and give that extra push that your destiny deserves.