Death is a dark condition of stillness and deep sleep, that state of morbid tranquility that makes you not want to be a victim of it. In the tarot, each of the cards that make up the deck of cards has a double meaning depending on the other cards that surround it, and that transmit a clear and hidden message for you. That is why today we will dedicate ourselves to deciphering what the “death” card wants to tell you during your seance, so that you can be prepared for what comes.

In this card, also called «El Arcano XIII», you can see a somewhat stooped skeleton with a kind of scythe in his left hand, with this, the sinister skeleton cuts grass and heads as he goes. The peculiar thing about her is that in the representation of the skeleton her bones are pink, revealing the weakness and sensitivity of the life of the human being; In the same way, you can see the severed heads of a king and a child, which refers to the fact that changes and death can happen to anyone regardless of their social level or age. His foot sunk into the ground, points out that it comes from the earth.

Seeing the skeleton cutting grass means that this card is good for deciding to drive away all bad harvests; so don’t be fooled as it doesn’t necessarily represent physical death as such, rather it alludes to death or the culmination of something in our lives. If at the time of your spiritualist session the card «death» is the one that comes out, it predicts radical changes in your life, which, in most cases, are usually positive because they announce the arrival of new opportunities.

Likewise, it can indicate the end of a stage in your life, be it a project, a love relationship, a job, something related to a business or a bad state of health. However, this will depend on the other cards that come out in conjunction with this one; because it can also predict innovation in her life such as the arrival of a new love, a possible move and even the recovery from an illness. As you can see, this card has an inverted position; possible destruction and prompt renewal by freeing us from all kinds of bondage and weeds.

For this reason, it is necessary to know well the context in which this card is shown to you, only in this way will you be able to differentiate what is the message that you want to transmit and recognize its reverse side so that you can be cautious about any circumstance.