Meaning of moles on the face, neck and the rest of the body

Meaning of moles on the face and neck / meaning of moles on the body / moles spiritual meaning / meaning of mole on the foot. Through the interpretation of the moles, the character of the person can be known and they also predict generalities for the future. For that, the site, shape and color of the mole are taken into consideration.

Round moles reveal the good in people; the oblongs, a modest portion of acquired wealth; the angular ones represent both good and bad characteristics.

Light colored moles are considered to be the most favorable; blacks predict many difficulties before favorable results are achieved.

Next, let’s see the meaning of moles on the face and neck:


Meaning of moles on the face and neck: Moles spiritual meaning

Cheek A mole on the cheek indicates a serious, studious, almost solemn person who has a moderate point of view about almost any theory about life, religion and politics and who does not need wealth to be happy.

Eyebrow Above the right eyebrow, the mole means perseverance, a very active and successful life in everything: business, home and family. On the left, the opposite. Disappointments due to selfishness and indolence. Only a maximum of effort can avoid poverty.

Chin Many people have a mole on their chin. To the right or to the left, it designates people with enviable characteristics. They are people of affable and generous disposition. They are conscientious workers, they like to travel and learn about the habits and customs of other peoples in distant countries. They are capable, responsible citizens, willing to accept responsibility for their family and their country.

Neck A mole on the neck expresses good fortune, if it is in the front. Behind, indicates the need to practice frugality.

Front A mole in the middle of the forehead predicts honors, wealth, love and a happy and distinguished family. On the right or left of the forehead, the classifications of moles are the same as those of the eyebrows.

Superior lip People with a mole on the upper lip are sentimental and always consider others. They are very attractive and make others feel good, which is why they have many friends! In addition, they tend to be well paid and are often treated by others. But they should be careful about overeating, which is detrimental to health.

lower lip People with a mole on the lower lip are family-oriented and good at cooking. Being particular about food, they are more likely to be gourmets, but they generally lead busy lives. In the love relationship, they are very popular with the opposite sex.

Eyes A mole in one eye indicates that poverty will obscure extraordinary talent. If it is in the outer corner of the eye, it indicates a person who is honest, upright, trustworthy, but who needs love and admiration to win the fight for life.

Nose A mole on the nose indicates unexpected good fortune, if it is on the front. On one side, it indicates irrational temperament. Elsewhere, need to practice frugality

Ear A mole on the ear is a sign of good fortune! People with this mole are talented, resourceful and blessed; they can take advantage of good luck, easily succeed and get a lot of personal wealth in the future. However, the mole suggests a rebellious personality.

mole behind the ear If it is at the top, it suggests the poor relationship with the parents; if he is in the middle, he remembers being taken advantage of by others; If it is at the bottom, it indicates the bad luck of wealth in life. We have already seen the meaning of moles on the face and neck and now let’s see the meaning of moles on the body.


Meaning of moles on the body: What does each mole mean on the body?

Armpit Under the left arm, the first years are of struggle but with ample remuneration, even wealth that will make later years very happy. Under the right arm, constant vigilance for well-being and security must prevail.

Arms Indicates happy conjugal relations, industrious and courteous people. A man will have to fight a lot if the mole is close to the elbow. He may also be widowed at a young age. A woman, the same characteristics but her problems will be in her occupations.

Elbow A mole on the elbow expresses a tremendous desire to travel. Also, uncertainty. Usually talent related to one or more arts, ability to earn a fortune but rarely having the urge to work for it.

Hip A mole anywhere on the hips except the buttocks indicates contentment, strength, and resourcefulness as outstanding attributes that balance an overly loving nature.

Finger A mole on any finger indicates bad faith, an inclination to exaggeration due to an inability to face the hardships that have to be confronted.

InstepA mole on the instep signals a quarrelsome, often surly nature. Generally, also interest in athletics.

Back A mole on the back warns to gather all the facts before entering into any kind of negotiations.

Shoulder A mole on a shoulder indicates a generally restless nature, a need to travel in order to feel satisfied with the familiar environment. On the right shoulder it indicates prudence, discretion, a good spouse, a very industrious individual. On the left shoulder, it indicates that the person is satisfied with any position in life, both at work and socially.

Yoangle Despite prosperity, a mole in the groin portends poor health. On the left side, fragility without much prosperity.

Hand A mole on the hand indicates abundance in almost everything: health, wealth and happiness. Usually, whoever has it is very talented. A well-defined mole on the back of the hand belongs to those who are good at handling money matters and grasp the family’s economic power in marriage, as they are highly possessive. If the back of the hand is fleshy and has a good mole, it suggests that the person is talented and will have a chance to get a quick rise in life, especially in later years. However, if it is a poorly defined mole, it implies family disputes and conflicts between family members, and the person is very nervous.

Wrist A mole on the wrist means frugality, resourcefulness, coflfiabd. In a man, the possibility of two marriages. If there are twin moles, one on one wrist and one on the other, in equal places on both wrists, this is called «the Gemini duality.» The person has a double nature. This is the same for all dual moles, no matter where they are: arms, legs, cheeks, etc. Two moles side by side are said to indicate two loves.

Buttocks Moles on the buttocks indicate that the person is not very ambitious and is inclined to accept any way of life, including poverty.

Belly button In a man, a mole in the navel indicates good luck. In a woman, the desire to have many children.

Chest A mole on the chest, in general, indicates a quarrelsome nature, given to outbursts of anger. Also, a lazy, sometimes unstable disposition. Lack of ambition can result in a dark life.

Nipple A mole on a nipple, in a man, means that he is inconstant and desirous of many loves. In a woman, that he always fights for social position.

yesmeaning of a mole on the foot A mole on the foot indicates that the person is inclined to worry akin to melancholy. She prefers a sedentary life, but she really needs a balanced amount of activity to stay healthy.

Legs– The mole on the leg means many difficulties in the early years but the ability to overcome them with effort. But resources must not be wasted. The person should avoid any inclination to indolence.

Knee A mole on the right knee indicates a friendly, kind disposition, a loving individual, desirous of a home and family life. On the left knee it indicates an extravagant and inconsistent person, but with great business intelligence.

Breasts A mole on the right breast indicates that indolence and intemperance can destroy one’s happiness and there is a need for willpower and self-discipline to enjoy the love and happiness of the children one has. On the left, it indicates an active, energetic person, capable of dedicating himself to the acquisition of wealth and property.

Heel A mole on the heel indicates a very physically active person. He will have ability to accumulate fortune inclines to that, but he will make enemies that will annoy him.

Ankle In a man, a mole on the ankle indicates shyness. In a woman, a sense of humor, courage, sharing love and earthly possessions with others.

Belly A mole on the belly expresses a tendency to eat abundantly and drink too much. It is necessary to maintain good control. You must select a spouse with a serene temperament and a gift for understanding.


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