The meaning of dreaming with relatives It is not always positive, and it can also vary according to the family member you dream of, the situation in which your relationships with those people are, among other aspects. However, it is very true that dreaming of family is associated most of the time with the need for protection that one has. Therefore, we are going to explain some examples of this type of dreams:

Dreaming of relatives reunited: There may be different interpretations of this type of dreams, but the fact of seeing relatives reunited means the dreamer’s need for affection, but that also depends on how the dreamer feels during the dream, and the feeling that left when you wake up. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze what the atmosphere was like during the meeting with the relatives, if it was sad, tense, pleasant and happy, because they could be signs that alert us about the work or sentimental situation that is being experienced.

Dreaming of family members arguing: When dreams are based on discussions in a group of family members, they are signs that there are problems in social relationships, where betrayals, gossip and entanglements caused by a group of co-workers or friends are present; although if you are experiencing difficult times with your family, it is most likely that this is the cause of your dream.

Dream with grandparents: A dream with grandparents means a return to childhood and symbolizes the emotional deficiencies that are possessed, it is associated with the need for affection, brotherly love and protection.

Dream with an aunt: Generally an aunt is the female figure who replaces a mother; due to her death or due to some total, partial or temporary estrangement, caused by different life situations; Therefore, if you dream of an aunt, it is a sign that family ties should be strengthened, foster rapprochement, communication, interaction, because they represent the channel through which family ties can be strengthened.

Dreaming of a dead aunt: Dreaming of dead relatives often leaves us uneasy, however, we should not be afraid, because it is a way to bring them to our minds, remember them and understand that an aunt symbolizes family union, so dreaming of her being dead is a wake-up call, to remember that you should invite your family to share in your home.

Therefore, if you have this type of dreams, check your interior, recognize what you need and try to solve it in the best way; remembering that dreaming of relatives implies the need for protection.

Dream with parents: Dreaming of relatives is significant, but it is even more so when you dream of parents. If you dream of your father, you are most likely at a stage in your life where you require someone to guide you in certain aspects of your life; while dreaming of the mother is associated with the need for complicity and protection.

Dreaming of parental illnesses: Dreaming of parental illnesses symbolizes lack of protection, insecurity and fear; Perhaps very complicated days will come to you at work, social or family level, which require you to seek help from your loved ones. Likewise, it may be that you have some feeling of guilt for something that has happened in your environment; check yourself internally, identify this feeling, forgive yourself and forgive yourself.

Dreaming of family members separating: This type of dreams is associated with crises, conflicts and disagreements; not only in couple relationships, but among family members, however, this does not mean that there will be a definitive breakup, it all depends on the attitude one has. It is a signal, so that you analyze well what is happening, evaluate the options and correct what is within your reach.

If you dream of separations, but in the same dream there are laughs and hugs, it means that relationships must be strengthened; remove fears and strengthen communication between family members who are in conflict. If there has been no conflict, don’t worry, but take the dream as a warning that it may happen, and take your precautions.

Dreaming of relatives disappearing: They are very distressing dreams, because they are lived as if they were real, which is associated with the feeling of loneliness of the one who is dreaming; so the subconscious invites you to reflect on family ties, because you are probably disconnecting and estranged from your family, and you yourself have caused the situation, which is why you feel very alone.

If you have not reached the point of feeling very alone, and you do not think that you are absent, this dream is indicating that it could be happening little by little, it is a sign that you should review your agenda and include some family visits more frequently.