Also known as cars or cars, cars are one of the most frequent elements in our dreams, even when we don’t have one; This is due to the symbolism that surrounds this vehicle and its direct relationship with the way we lead our lives. However, the meaning of dreaming about them is very broad, since there are a considerable number of variables and contexts that result in an extensive list. Below, find out some meanings of these dreams related to cars:

Dream that we drive: This is an indication that we have total control of our lives and we will move on to a new stage, where we will assume a leading role in changes that will affect our environment. But, if it is someone else who does it, this tells us that we are not in control of our life, but that others are making decisions that will affect us.

To dream that we suffer a car accident: According to Sigmund Freud, these dreams represent a kind of self-punishment, produced by feelings of guilt, after having done something that our unconscious disapproves of. Although for other dream interpreters, it could also be indicating that clashes or external confrontations with other people are coming.

Dream about tires: This element represents emotional stability and the ability to overcome adversity. If they are in good condition, it is an omen of success and good fortune in everything you undertake; but if, on the contrary, they are deteriorated or worn, you will have to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way to achieve what you have proposed.

To dream that our car is stolen: It means that we are facing a situation in which we feel powerless, although it can also indicate the loss of control over our lives, or even the fear of losing something that is very precious to us, such as: the breaking of a labor, conjugal or commercial relationship.

Dreaming of an automotive agency: If it is full of new cars, it will mean that there is a good chance that radical changes will happen very soon and improve our living conditions. On the other hand, if the agency is empty, it will be an indication that difficulties will arise that will truncate our chances of change and improvement, making them very low.

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Although we almost never understand their meaning, dreams are parables through which our subconscious advises us on different aspects of our lives. It is therefore very important to know the meaning of the different dreams, since this will allow us to interpret them correctly and recognize present or future situations in our lives and how to cope with them, so we invite you to discover the meaning of those recurring dreams you may have, not only related to cars but also to any experience lived in the dream world.