Dreaming is something common; but do you know the meaning of dreaming with angels? Well, we invite you to continue reading this article where we will explain some meanings that this type of dreams contain, which can bring with them other symbolisms, which must be studied in detail according to the person, and everything that has happened in the dream, in order to decrypt the messages in a more complete way.

The word angel means «carrier of a message»Well, that’s what angels are, and if you see them in a dream, they want to convey something to you. On the other hand, these winged beings symbolize purity and protection, although there are also unfriendly angels, so there can be positive and negative interpretations; so below we will describe some meanings:

I dream of the guardian angel: Dreaming of guardian angels is one of the most common dreams, and has a strong spiritual connotation, and is taken as an important protection for the dreamer; which generally gives a sense of peace and security, which helps to be positive in life.

Dreaming of deceased loved ones in the form of angels: The interpretation of these dreams is very particular to each person, so the context of the dream and the current situation of the dreamer must be carefully observed, but in any case, dreaming of angels of this type denotes protection and warnings.

Dream of yourself as an angel: When oneself is the angel, the dream is associated with personal growth; so the person comes to feel more sure of himself and satisfied with what is happening to him. This type of dream usually happens after performing some altruistic action.

Dreams with children angels: It is a dream that is deeply linked to inner peace and knowing that those around you will always protect you and accompany you in difficult times because you are a person who, like children, has a pure, innocent soul and only radiates a constant smile.

Dream of golden angels: It is said that it is one of the most beautiful dreams there can be, since it is rare; and the message they are transmitting has to do with immediate changes that will come to improve all aspects of life, bringing self-confidence and satisfaction; which is of the utmost importance to achieve not only material objectives, but also emotional, family, work, social, etc.

Dreaming of angels in white: These types of dreams announce favorable times that will come into your life, which will make you feel protected and very confident in yourself and those around you. This energy creates the conditions for wonderful things to begin to happen in all areas, with peace, harmony and balance prevailing. So, if she dreams of angels dressed in white, she prepares her projects, puts effort and good vibes into them, and executes them.

Dream of angels flying: These dreams mean that there are beings protecting the person who dreams, and if the angels stay close to them during the dream experience, radiating light; it means that you are lucky, that you will do very well in everything you undertake, and that success will accompany you in your work, economic, family and partner projects. In addition, this is indicating that you will be very protected by the people around you.

Dreams with angels coming down from heaven: This type of experience brings you a good message, indicating that a person will come into your life destined to help and protect everything you want to do, it will be something like a guardian angel, a being of light that can manifest itself in the form of a friend, partner, boss, etc. You just have to pay attention to the signs.

Dreaming of angels and demons: These dreams can be very disturbing, due to the contradiction of seeing angels with demons; which means that they exist in his environment that feign goodness, but that they are treacherous and can stab him in the back; that is, they are demons that dress as angels.

Dreaming of angels speaking to you: When the angels speak to you in the dream, they are giving you indications of what you must do to overcome difficulties, to achieve goals, so it is essential that you remember each of their words, write them down, and evaluate everything that they tell you. is happening in your environment, since they may be situations that have not yet happened to you, and that in your immediate present or in your future, can help you a lot.

If the angels you see in your dream are arguing, this means that they are sending you warnings related to some situations that are happening to you or will happen to you in the future, so you should be aware of the signs that you observe in your environment. It can also symbolize a warning of difficulties and obstacles in personal relationships. Also, some angels that appear in dreams are not friendly or kind, but they come because they need to warn about some negative actions of their person.

On the other hand, it is good to explain to them that, according to experts on this subject, When dreams with angels are recurrent, there is a deep and great mystical power that begins to emerge in people who live this experience.Therefore, it is recommended to try to connect with people with significant spiritual growth that will help them grow from this point of view and connect with divine beings.