Meaning of diamonds in jewelry

The symbolism and meaning of diamonds is another of the qualities by which these precious stones represent more than a simple accessory. Although they are valuable gems due to their exceptional beauty and rarity, they take on greater value and significance for the message they can convey. Above all, if we take into account that we are in the presence of a precious stone, which due to its hardness is also considered invincible and eternal.

With all this in mind, it is not surprising that within the world of jewelry they are the perfect crystal to symbolize eternal love when they are given as jewelry, especially in engagement rings and wedding bands. However, due to its purity, its brightness and its colors, they have also acquired other meanings over time.

If you love diamonds or are thinking of giving a diamond jewellery. Surely you want to know what is the meaning of diamonds today and then we will tell you, so do not stop reading until the end.

Meaning of the word diamond

The word diamond has its origin in the Greek language, specifically in the word «dammas» which means unbreakable and indomitable. This is how the word adamant derives from this word, and the fictional alloy adamantium, too, is based on the same idea of ​​hardness and invincibility. Despite this, at the time of its discovery in the fourth century BC. C. were valued for their brightness and ability to refract light. But over time, they became known for their hardness and ability to etch metals.

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Symbolic meaning of diamonds

In addition to its clarity and intense refraction that make diamonds so aesthetically valuable, diamonds today have a variety of symbolism, in some cases dating back thousands of years.

symbol for marriage

The concept of diamonds being used as a symbol of marriage began in the Renaissance when people used diamonds in their engagement rings in an attempt to make their marriage bond unbreakable, just like the stone itself. This was later highlighted by the De Beers Corporation (an international corporation that specializes in diamond mining) who romanticized the idea that an unbreakable bond must be sealed with an unbreakable stone and that marriage must be protected by eternal force.

love and commitment

As explained above, diamonds have come to symbolize both love and commitment; Actually, there was a time in the past when rings didn’t have gemstones, but all this has changed. Today, it is almost impossible to find an engagement ring without a diamond or similar alternative.

Such alternatives are lab-grown diamonds that carry the same meaning and symbolism as their natural counterparts. They also have the same chemical, physical and visual characteristics as natural diamonds and also represent unwavering and infinite love.

status and wealth

Diamonds are also a great symbol of wealth and status; Just as the royal families and aristocrats used to collect diamonds, we can also see them today adorning phone cases, wallets, clothing, and bags. And although diamonds have become more prevalent in recent times, they are still a luxury commodity and are reserved for those who can afford it.

beauty and luxury

Diamonds also represent extravagance and beauty, from presidential dinners to the red carpet in Hollywood, diamonds are found in accessories and jewelry other than rings, including earrings, necklaces, watches and bracelets. There is something about the way light shines and reflects off this gemstone that gives a sense of elegance and captivates our eyes.

conflict and blood

Unfortunately on the negative side, diamonds have also come to represent some of the worst tragedies and conflicts of our lives. Since unfortunately, in countries like Sierra Leone and Liberia, diamond mining has enslaved women and children and has given rise to the most tragic civil wars in history.

Meaning of diamonds from the spiritual point of view

physical healing

Diamonds are believed by many to have properties that promote physical healing, helping to unite the body and mind. It helps even more by uniting all our faculties to cleanse our mind, body and soul.

spiritual healing

According to healers, diamonds are the perfect stone for those who are feeling confused and lost, as these crystals help cleanse your aura of negative thoughts and replace them with positivity and love.

emotional healing

Diamonds can also help with emotional healing as they can magnify the emotions you are feeling. It is known to act as a mirror of our emotional state, so we must be careful when using this stone, as it can enhance both positive and negative energies.

Meaning of diamonds according to their color

Although diamonds are usually white, they can also be found in different colors thanks to the presence of certain chemicals that surround them, which are associated with different meanings.

  • red diamonds: this type is extremely rare and valuable, and is known to symbolize courage.
  • pink diamonds: this is also somewhat rare and highly sought after due to its classic and beautiful color. It is a tone that represents romance, joy and creativity.
  • orange diamonds: These are also a rare type of diamonds that are mixed with the chemical presence of boron. They represent enthusiasm and energy.
  • yellow diamonds: they are some of the most common shaded diamonds and are formed with nitrogen. They are sometimes known as gold diamonds and have been used in famous jewelry pieces, creating some of the most unique engagement ring designs. They are also known to symbolize pure friendship and happiness.
  • blue diamonds: yes They are traditionally used to symbolize power and royalty, since blue is a color of nobility. Giving a blue diamond to a loved one symbolizes the highest level of love and respect for the wearer.
  • brown diamonds: They represent a feeling of being grounded and humble, because their color mimics the earth below us. Brown diamonds are formed with the presence of nitrogen and symbolize balance and inner strength.
  • black diamonds: these mysterious gems have a deeper meaning, described as transcendence. Also, the black diamond symbolizes power, authority and charisma.