Marie Laveau –

Marie Laveau: Marie Catherine Laveau, considered The Queen of Voodoo, was born in New Orleans, United States in the 19th century. She exactly on September 10, 1783. Thanks to her beauty and her religious practices she became very recognized, but also very feared. Her mother was Darcental Marguetto. She was illegally married to a white man, Charles Laveau. A wealthy landowner in the city.

first marriage

At the young age of 18, Marie Laveau married Jacques Paris. A black man who was not subjected to slavery, with whom she shared the secrets of voodoo despite having married through a Catholic ceremony. The couple had two children who died when they were very young (the causes are unknown).

However, it was not until her husband disappeared under mysterious circumstances that Laveau began to openly practice everything she had learned from her mother and grandmother while calling herself the “Widow Paris”.

Second matrimony

After becoming a widow, she was romantically involved with Christophe Louis Dumesnil de Glapion with whom she had 15 children. Despite not being married. Historians report that only two of them managed to survive adolescence, all the others died at a very young age.

voodoo practice

It was after the death of her first husband that she began to openly practice voodoo. Her grandmother and her mother were the first influences she had on her.

She opened a hair salon in downtown New Orleans where she also helped the city’s wealthiest women, who attended in large numbers, with certain «special favors.» They asked her for amulets to tie up romances, so that her business would prosper, stay young, heal their own illnesses or those of their relatives, as well as obtain the attention of their lovers.

In her practices, the enigmatic woman combined certain elements of Catholicism (saints, incense and prayers) and African magic. She was famous for her pet, a gigantic snake named Zombie, to which Marie had an absolute devotion. She was said to have the ability to create enchantments and curses powerful enough to reach even the third or fourth generation of descendants.

Laveau was well known for being a woman willing to help anyone who came to her business or home to listen to their sorrows and give them help through voodoo. To those condemned to death she gave them relief through prayers.

He knew how to create potions to cure diseases or cause them. He also knew the ingredients necessary to create substances that caused hallucinations and death.


Marie Laveau died peacefully at her home on June 15, 1881, at 5 p.m., and her body was buried in Saint Louis Number 1 Cemetery, along with the graves of other members of her family.

Interestingly, the tomb of this woman remained unknown until 1970. When cabalistic drawings, bottles with magical filters, began to appear at the entrance of the same. The X signs (which refer to life and death), small bouquets of flowers, and coins.

After this, it has never ceased to be visited both by the curious and by people who continue to adore it despite the passing of the years. A macabre protocol carried out by some «faithful» is to go around the tomb three times. And then say a prayer and finally draw a cross with brick dust.

The latter serves to open a portal in which the consultant can have direct contact with the forces of evil to ask for their help. Since then. His grave has been converted into an altar and is one of the most visited sites in New Orleans.

In 2014, the New Orleans city council had a fence placed around his grave due to the deterioration it suffered when his faithful followers wrote XXX on it, as thanks for the favors obtained, according to voodoo beliefs. Today, the cemetery where Laveau’s remains lie is known as the most haunted place in New Orleans.

In popular culture, the figure of this extraordinary woman has transcended as evidenced by the Danish rock band Volbeat. With a song they have written to pay homage to the life and work of the Queen of Voodoo.


People from all over the world visit his haunted grave in the St. Louis Cemetery, to feel his magic and ask favors from such a powerful spirit. Many visitors claim to witness remarkable phenomena during their visit. In addition, others insist that they have seen her wearing her favorite turban.

Every Monday a ceremony is held in the cemetery, attended by those who practice voodoo. White magic and other kinds of witchcraft, which attracts a good number of tourists. Marie Laveau’s followers go there to ask her to strengthen her powers

He used the most diverse amulets that he sold when he performed his services. He killed many people and it is said that he could curse a person up to his fourth generation.

Whatever the reason, Marie was respected and feared by the entire population. Since according to popular belief she had the power to curse to the death of those whom she considered her enemies and their offspring.

Water Marie Laveau


To make the famous Marie Laveau Water, you must gather the following ingredients and mix them on a Full Moon Night.

1 cup of holy water

A cup of spring water

1 cup rainwater

A cup of rose water

1 cup lavender water

Uses: Marie Laveau’s Magical Water is reputed to have incredible abilities as it brings out the magic in us. Plus, she’s famous:

Attracting all kinds of blessings.

Banishing negativity.

Cleaning and protecting your Aura.

Helps achieve greater Spiritual Awareness.

It makes you more magical overall.

In a nutshell, Marie Laveau the Voodoo Queen water is used for many love, money, blessing and cleansing spells.