Mantra attract money, abundance and economic prosperity

Mantra to attract money Currently, there are various problems in countries (recession, unemployment, etc.) that impact the finances of many families.

This does not mean that we should have a pessimistic view of the future but, on the contrary, we should seek means and opportunities that give us prosperity and abundance, one of them being the mantras to attract money.

However, what does the mantras mean? How can it help us in our economic future? How can abundance and prosperity attract me? Let’s see more about the mantras to attract money


What is a mantra?

A mantra is a word, sound or expression that is repeated over and over again, mainly to help fixation while reflecting.

The word mantra comes from Sanskrit and is formed from the root word “man”, which means psyche or thought, and “tra”, which means device or instrument. So basically a mantra is a device for the psyche or an instrument of thought.

The idea of ​​using mantras started from the Vedas or writings of ancient India and later impacted the advancement of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. Also obviously mantras are currently with yoga and contemplation.


How and why do mantras work?

It seems difficult to trust that only mantras can change your thoughts and your life, but they can. Above all, mantras center and calm the brain.

However, many people are unable to concentrate as they experience the ill effects of what Buddhists call «monkey mind.» It is about the constant avalanche of contemplations that jump in your mind like monkeys and that drive you crazy and do not help concentration.

The use of mantras can reduce this problem, bringing you peace and allowing you to focus on more vital matters – like building wealth.

The reiteration of a mantra also works with the Law of Attraction. By resounding certain words over and over, you make particular vibrations of vitality. These vibrations will then attract what you seek. It is an example that like attracts like. Mantras can act like magnets to adjust your thoughts and attract what you need.


Which are the most suitable to attract prosperity and abundance?

Mantra attract money #1 “OM SHRIM MAHA LAKSHMIYEI SWAHA” Phonetically Om shreem mama ha lahk-shmee-yippee swah-ha

This mantra is interpreted as a greeting or welcome to the one who brings each type of wealth. Although there are many who conjure the goddess Lakshmi to help them with material wealth, she is also the bearer of otherworldly riches.

Mantra attract money #2 “OM VASUDHARE SVAHA” Phonetically Om Wa Su DhaReiSwa Ha.

This mantra is fundamentally a petition to the earth goddess Vasudhara. It is recommended to repeat this mantra 108 times. In fact, even the Buddha said that any individual who remembers this mantra or even listens to it will be honored by the gods who will give him fulfillment.


Affirmations that can be repeated along with the mantras

To reinforce prosperity and abundance in our lives, the following affirmations can be repeated together with the attract money mantra:

«Opportunities to make money always come my way.» It is important to constantly repeat this affirmation on a daily basis, especially if you are going to start your own business. There are even people who mention it out loud when entering a casino.

«I own my spending decisions.» Although we all experience things that are out of our control at times (like losing a job or getting sick), we are generally in control of the decisions we make. Make sure those decisions are aligned with your financial goals, whenever possible, so you can feel confident in your ability to spend versus save.

«My financial destiny is not set in stone.» The history of your money is constantly changing. Just because you’ve made financial mistakes in the past doesn’t mean you’ll continue to do so in the future. You are the author of your own life and, like the characters in a book, you can rewrite or edit your story and evolve into the person you want to be.


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