Prosperity, from the Latin «prosperitas», is success in what is started, good luck in what happens or the favorable trajectory of things. Wealth is linked to material or spiritual abundance. In the now, societies spend time exploiting the outside world, without taking into consideration that true abundance and bonanza is found internally. The management of energy has always existed since the first civilization, some closer to our era, elaborated mandalas for prosperity.

In the era of Marshall McLuhan’s “Global Village”, access to information is literally at our fingertips. The knowledge or not of these particular forms called «mandalas» -sacred circle in Spanish-, it is probably things of chance or the interest of each one to approach a distant culture and different from the western one.

Your name from the Sanskrit language, the classical language of India. It should be noted that it is one of the oldest Indo-European languages ​​after Hittite and Mycenaean Greek.

The circle is present in all the wonders of nature, the moon, the sun and the planets. You can assure it, it is not by chance that after the myth of Plato’s cave, the paleolithic man and the deliberate handling of fire; the most representative of the evolution of the human species has been the discovery of the wheel or… the circle again.

Roundness is a fundamental part of all living beings and the disk is an image that represents perfectionsymbolizes the infinite cycles that are in the universe.

There is a meditation practice that consists of drawing mandalas in order to obtain economic prosperity. On the Asian continent for more than 2000 years, he has been making these sketches with true concentration to unleash his potential.

According to those beliefs, the use of these circles composed of various geometric figures should always be present at home or in the business in order to achieve their well-being and happinessfundamental characteristics in obtaining the long-awaited economic prosperity.

They have the ability to transmit their energy through the images recorded within the sacred circle. The connection between each of the forms contained within it must be taken into account. That is, each geometric figure within the circle is related.

If your desire is to create one of these particular pieces and sign up for economic prosperity, Find a quiet place set aside for meditation. Draw a circle as the main structure and then fill in its interior with geometric figures of your choice.

Next choose the right hue with the intention of doubling its power. The red color increases power, orange and green print ambition, optimism and revitalize energy.

An important fact, according to custom, it should be colored from the inside out. In this way, You will achieve communication with the inner self and the movement of positive energies. Prosperity and wealth will depend on how far inward you can see to obtain spiritual abundance.