Speaking of spectacular and magical stones, we cannot fail to name malachite, which is considered a semi-precious rock, a green mineral, usually in very striking ways and that keeps an enchanting beauty and great secrets to discover.

Its name derives from the Latin malachiteswhich is relative to its original color. Its shine is considered matte or silky and is included in the list of effervescent is normally distinguished from others of its kind by the color of its stripe, which is different from other materials of the same color.

Now, in addition to its charming beauty, malachite is used by people to call prosperity, intelligence and the correct management of positive energies, due to its association with the color green. This stone has been taken into account for years, for the elaboration of clothing, jewelry and accessories of royalty in the world, as well as the decoration of great palaces.

In some countries of the world, this mineral is used to calm pregnancy symptoms such as dizziness and vomiting, because it is attributed some kind of healing, healing and protective power.

There are many beliefs around this beautiful stone, highlighting the power of channeling energy, For this reason, experts in the area of ​​managing emotions recommend having at least one malachite stone in the home, in order to be able to clean the environment in a positive way.

Experts report that the use of this mineral must be done very carefully and correctly, so that it can serve as a protector, being able to absorb the negative energies of the body of the people around it.

To activate the chakras, it is recommended that malachite be placed over the third eye in order to have visions of the good things that can happen along the way if the right decisions are made. while when placed on the heart it can bring harmony, peace and tranquility, in addition to the necessary harmony.

This stone is also attributed the goodness of transforming, by showing the person all the obstacles that do not let him move forward, breaking with those things that bind him and giving him the necessary help to fulfill new projects that allow him to become personally stronger.

Malachite is also considered a stone of intuition and understanding, because through the energy it radiates, many of the things that happen around can be visualized. It is recommended to carry a malachite stone with you at least 3 times a week to help cure any illness, and ward off all those who have negative energies.

Among the legends that surround this mineral, there is the belief that when it breaks, the owner could be in imminent danger, or the same will happen when being in the presence of anything serious that does not favor its bearer.

The energies of the universe are scattered in different stones throughout the world, in the case of malachite, There are infinite properties that are attributed to this magical material, which is considered almost an essential object in homes.