The technique of chiaroscuro or visagism is a very fashionable technique, It is used with the aim of balancing the face, concealing its imperfections and highlighting the most attractive features that the person possesses, to achieve a harmonious face. It is considered that the perfect face has an oval shape, well with this technique people with faces of different shapes seek that standard beauty profile through makeup, basically using a light tone to highlight (highlight) and a dark one to make the features. smaller (hide). We invite you to learn about this incredible beauty technique.

To make this makeup, the first thing to do is divide the face into three sections: The first called intellectual zone, goes from where the hair is born to the base of the eyebrow, then the second called affective, which begins at the base of the eyebrow. eyebrow to the tip of the nose and finally the sensitive area that goes from the tip of the nose to the chin. It is important that before applying this technique, the steps prior to makeup are carried out, such as hydration before applying the base.

It begins by applying the light tones and then the dark tones in the areas that are going to be highlighted and hidden. using a brush, always respecting the facial lines; for example, there are areas that, regardless of the type of face, need to be treated in the same way, such as around the eyes, light tones should always be applied to highlight the look. After the drawing of the face has been completed, the applied makeup continues to blend. To make the blending easier, you could experiment with your fingers due to your body temperature, or use synthetic brushes or “beauty blender” makeup sponges when you run into small areas. such as the wings of the nose or the tear duct.

There are different ways to apply this technique depending on the shape of the face, but regardless of the features with this technique you can have a harmonious face. Through visagism you can learn more about what kind of faces and features exist, the importance of the image highlighting features and highlighting virtues, also how the brain identifies some physical features, whether in the face, clothing, hair, posture and so on. correct imperfections.

This incredible technique is the same that is used in painting to achieve effects of volume and dimensions. As with all make-up techniques, what is sought is the total harmony of the face, working with reliefs or depressions, accentuating virtues or attenuating a general effect of a more pleasant face. The opportunities to play with chiaroscuro are limitless on a visual level, it can give great results

People will always look for ways to look better every day by innovating, creating ways to beautify themselves even more, since it is not only changing the «look», but also influencing other people about the style that represents a fundamental component for fashion. since that is where the new trends are taken. Apply this incredible makeup technique and highlight your beautiful features. Walk happy and sure of yourself. Let nothing stop you!