Makeup tips for women with big eyes

Big-eyed women are among the luckiest in the world. Since it is a type of eyes that bring even more expressiveness and personality to the face, and if they are used they can become a weapon of natural seduction. However, when applying makeup, they must be enhanced in the correct way if we want to make them look brighter and more beautiful. Therefore, it is essential to know what their potential is if we want to get the most out of them.

It is no secret to anyone that many women seek to enlarge their eyes with makeup. But those with big eyes already have a natural advantage over others. So if you belong to this small group of women with big eyes, you will surely want to know some makeup tips to get much more out of it. Well, let’s see then what is best for them and what should be taken into account when putting on makeup each time.

1. Get your brows in shape

Within our makeup routine, eyebrows play an important role in achieving a deep and beautiful look. What is even more important in the case of women with large round eyes. However, it won’t matter much how beautiful your eye makeup is if you have a set of bushy and unruly eyebrows, as they can ruin your look in an instant.

By this we mean that if you want to have your eye makeup as a focal point and take advantage of its size, you must groom your eyebrows properly. In this sense, arched and well-groomed eyebrows will be flattering for your eyes. As they create a frame that accentuates your eyes and will make them appear even larger.

2. Prepare your eye area

Some problems such as dark circles, eye bags, puffiness, eye wrinkles, can make your eyes look smaller than they are. Therefore, especially those who have big eyes cannot ignore this. Among the instant makeup solutions, concealers will be your best ally to treat these problems and prepare your eyes for an impact makeup. As it can also help brighten the entire eye area and draw attention to darker lashes.

3. Highlight the brow bones

Applying an eyeshadow or highlighter to the center of your eyelids, to the brow bones, and to the inner corners will make your eyes look awake and bright. White eyeshadow is ideal for this purpose, but if your skin has pink undertones it’s best to look for warm cream or pink shades. While golden tones will better complement yellow and olive skin.

4. Choose dark shadows

An amazing way to highlight your big beautiful eyes is to choose the right eyeshadow. The secret here is to use dark shades instead of light shades and the darker the shade the better. This is because the darker shadows help draw attention away from your facial features. And at the same time they will add some intensity and drama to your look, by going back a bit in space and size. While, on the other hand, pale and light colored shadows only emphasize and sharpen your facial features.

5. Opt for Shimmers

If you are one of those big-eyed women looking to make them really stand out, shimmer eyeshadow will definitely take your eye makeup to a new level. As they instantly give you a glamorous look and they look wonderful on this kind of eyes. Therefore, you can use any color that matches either your dress or your lips.

The recommendation is that you try a small touch of gloss on your upper lids and just below your brow bones. But you can also use it along your lower lash lines if you want a night party look.

6. Mix, mix and mix

When it comes to big eye makeup sometimes applying makeup products isn’t enough if they don’t blend well. For example, blend your concealer to keep dark circles at bay, blend your eyeshadow to make sure your eyes sparkle, and blend your highlight to make your eyes look as enhanced as possible.

7. Emphasize the inner corners

Another great way to add dimension to your big eyes is to emphasize the inner corners with simple white eyeshadow. Apply just a little and blend like a pro to make your eyes look more lifted and more beautiful. This will bring out the color of your eyes in a flawless way.

8. Try the smokey look

The smoky eye look is the hottest trend these days and is best suited to large, round eyes as they have plenty of room to create a smoky effect. If you want to wear dramatic eye makeup, apply a deep brown or gray shadow to the upper part of the eyelids as well as in the hollows and gently blend outwards.

9. Keep adding colors

Go for the typical black eye style. If you have big, beautiful eyes, you have ample scope to experiment with the shades of your eyeliner and shadow. Flatter your eyes with some exciting color combinations that will give you a colorful and vibrant look. Keep your upper lid liner thick to medium and do it as close to your lash line as possible.

10. Curl your eyelashes

Curly eyelashes are an indispensable part of wonderful makeup for big round eyes. Invest in a good quality eyelash curler and give your lashes that much needed crease. Applying mascara to those perfectly curled lashes will help make them look quite voluminous. As a result, your eyes will have a different appearance.

11. Highlight lower lashes

Sometimes you need to give those big googly eyes a little smaller look. For this, highlighting the lower lashes can be a trendy yet effective solution. Just mascara carefully and you’re good to go. However, make sure that you do not end up getting spider lashes during the process.