Beautify the skin through the make-up It is a practice that has been carried out since the ancient Egyptian culture. In the current time the trends fashion zigzags propose a different style and technique that are surpassed in art and quality of work. However, in the market there is a group with particular characteristics that require special attention, redheads and the various techniques to achieve a make-up according to your pigmentation.

As an appetizer, it is necessary to differentiate between the shades obtained by the use of hair dyes and those who really are redheads of birth In particular, the technique sticks more to the color of the skin that of hair. The reason, although it seems obvious, sometimes goes unnoticed and that is where the chances of making a mistake when choosing the bases, shadows, eyeliners and lipstick.

Additionally, in most cases the redheads They have a kind of skin delicate and sensitive to the sun, Caucasianpresence of freckles with a greater possibility of creating melanomas and other skin disorders, which will merit, depending on the occasion, to show off this characteristic or eliminate it with the use of bases, blushers Y cosmetics.

The look will always have to be given more attention. For this reason, in addition to the colors either shades suggested as the green for the eyelids, a gloss to give the look of naturalness to their lips and opt for a blush within the shades cantaloupe Y peachthe industry of cosmetology has created a line to highlight the redhead.

The natural hair it also has light, medium and dark undertones. The first are the most suitable for combining with beige and gold tones. The seconds, you can take advantage of it with a tonality mahogany or pine. those who have hair deep redcolors close to brown or plum, look spectacular.

This combination will further highlight your look. You must remember that the green color in the shadows will bring light and exotic at his gaze. For her part, the colors silver and metallicare appropriate for light skin and with a slight presence of freckles.

The clear skin It is a particular trait in redheads and for this reason you should avoid exposing yourself to the sun for a long period of time, without the respective sunscreen. Another important detail to highlight is to do without bases that are darker than your skin color, use only the one that suits your pigmentation.

There is a trend is tanned skins either goldenat natural redheads their complexion looks fine, white and delicate. Take advantage of this condition and use blushes with various shades of pink and peach. Eyes outlined with shades browns and slightly pink lips.

If the date is night, continue with pink and peach for your cheeks and wear a bright lipstick red color to recreate the image of a porcelain doll that this pile of skins has. The redheads They should never go unnoticed because it is a shade that attracts attention. Look for rich colors that bring your outfit.