Perfection is something impossible, but at the same time subjective because everyone is perfect with their advantages and disadvantages, women are beautiful inside and out; although makeup can help highlight those virtues and hide certain imperfections that affect her self-esteem.

There are many makeup techniques and products that can help you feel better about yourself, from hiding blemishes, scars and tattoos, to giving dimensions to the face, highlighting some areas and obscuring others.

As for a specific area of ​​the face such as the eyes, shadows can help you open up those small, sagging eyes more, or make them more discreet if you wish. A common problem in this area are so-called hooded, sunken or hooded eyes, that is, eyes with drooping eyelids that make your eyes look sad and tired.

If you do not have experience, when performing this technique you should apply makeup with your eyes open, because the fundamental idea of ​​the process is to make an illusion of an eye socket higher than the natural socket, and thus achieve an effect with a larger and more alert eye.

The first step is to start with a “primer”, so the shadows will last much longer and won’t run. It is important to note that the use of dark shadows further sink the eye, they should only be used to achieve the false eye socket; light or bright shadows are a fundamental tool.

With the help of eyeshadow brushes, you’ll apply a shimmering vanilla color to your natural eye socket and can spread it all over your movable eyelid. Gel shadows help a lot in this step, but you have to remember to set it with a powder shadow.

Next, you’ll draw the fake socket with a brush and a brown shadow; It is important that with your eyes open, you do it higher than its natural basin, in such a way that it can be seen with your eyes open, as long as the space between one and the other is not enormous.

Avoid taking this shadow to the inner or outer corner, it should be concentrated mostly in the middle of the eye, following its natural shape. Then you can apply the desired shadows on the mobile eyelid, blurring and if necessary, go over the drawn basin.

Illuminate the lower arch of your eyebrows and the tear duct, this will help you achieve the awake eye effect. For the eyeliner it is necessary to opt for a short cat’s eye and raised towards the eyebrow, the line should not touch the upper eyelid. Use a white pencil on the water line, it will give you that final touch to achieve the desired effect.

Finally proceed to curl your eyelashes and apply two layers of «mascara» for a better result. As if by magic and the salvation of many women, makeup also has its technique and solution for this problem that, although it is not so serious, worries the heads of innumerable ladies.