The stones and minerals that nature gives us are characterized by having special and really striking characteristics, including color. Among the best known stones there are green, red and blue ones, but orange stones are rarely mentioned, which although they are few, respond to quite interesting characteristics.

Thanks to this particular tone, orange stones are related to the meaning of this color, often associated with joy, creativity and positive emotions. From a psychological point of view, orange has antidepressant powers, renewing the enthusiasm for life and providing well-being and good humor. Among the main orange stones are:

Garnet: It is the best known orange stone. It is defined as a revitalizing and generating stone that works in the balance of the chakras.

From the etymological point of view, the name of this stone comes from the Latin «granatus» which means «granulated», due to its rough appearance at first glance. According to historical records, the history of garnet began in 3100 BC in the Middle East, when it was a famous stone among artisans and later, with the Crusades, it became used for military purposes, adorning the swords of warriors and the tip of the same, since they considered that this way they could cause more damage.

Likewise, the garnet forms part of the biblical story, since it is precisely part of the 12 stones of the Bible and to which a passage is dedicated in which it is made responsible for guiding Noah after the flood.

This orange stone has always been important in the world of jewelry, but for a few years onwards it began to be related to love; It is also common to see it in engagement rings.

orange jade: Due to the fact that it belongs to the jade family –whose most famous specimen is green– it is curious that this is a royal hue. However, there is no doubt about it.

Emotionally, jade is related to the ability to restore spirits and therefore improve the health of the sick. This type of stone is also ideal for meditation and relating to our inner selves.

fire opal: Its name comes from the Latin “opallus” which means precious stone. It is a rather unusual version of opal that is widely available in Mexico and in smaller quantities in Brazil and Guatemala. Thanks to their beauty and level of hardness—5 on the Mohs scale—they are stones especially used in the world of jewelry to make earrings, rings and brooches.

In addition to its use in the world of jewelry, in health and in the spiritual world, the opal is granted certain characteristics as an ally for depressions and as a stone that attracts real love.

Orange stones are associated with good energy and the ability to lift the mood and, without a doubt, few colors are capable of inspiring those sensations.