The color pink is one of the most relaxing tones that exist and is commonly associated with love, femininity, innocence and pure feelings. This tone tends to bring especially womenwho use it in special objects, such as accessories and clothing that contain pink stones.

There has always been a fascination with pink gemstones, both because of their particular color and because of the rarity with which this type of mineral occurs in nature. When talking about pink gems, spinel and tourmaline are immediately referred to as they are the easiest to find, with this characteristic.

There are other versions of more rarity and that require more budget such as diamonds and pink sapphires, but they are also quite scarce.

Pink Tourmaline: This type of stone is also known as rubellite and has large amounts of magnesium, which is the mineral that gives it its characteristic and beautiful pink color. The main deposits are in the city of Mina Gerais in Brazil.

This beautiful specimen of tourmaline is used in jewelry, specifically in the manufacture of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. In addition, it has industrial use, since it is one of the materials required for submarine and war equipment, such as pressure gauges. As a curious fact, hundreds of grams of pink tourmaline were used in the pressure sensors of the atomic bomb.

From a spiritual point of view, this stone is related to love, in every way; physical and spiritual. It is considered an amulet against the mental obstacles that prevent enjoying this feeling, likewise, it is a gem that connects with wisdom, making us capable of learning to react in the best possible way to all situations in life.

pink spinel: This beautiful stone gets its name from the Latin word “spina” which was used to describe its characteristic sharp edges. Thanks to its brightness and transparency, spinel is often confused with gems such as ruby ​​and sapphire and therefore there are no exact records of its origin, but it was registered late as a precious stone in 1581.

Precisely and thanks to its resemblance to precious stones of greater value, for many years the British crown jewelers claimed that it was adorned with the famous 361-carat «Black Ruby», only to discover, years later, that it was of a spinel.

The main deposits of pink spinel are found in remote places such as Madagascar, Tanzania and Vietnam. From these places they are exported to be marketed among collectors and specialized jewelers who know how to work these specimens.

pink diamonds: It is an extremely rare stone that occurs mainly in the Argyle deposits in Australia.. In the case of diamonds, their color is due to a greater presence of nitrogen.

Today, this type of diamond is the favorite of collectors and celebrities who must pay up to ten times more than for a white diamond.

Pink stones are rare and expensive, but their beauty and perfect tones justify this high rating.