Volcanic rocks are rocks extracted from volcanoes, usually about to erupt or after eruption. Several theories show that these elements are loaded with positive energy due to the high temperatures they experience. Normally, these stones are used in different healing and therapeutic techniquesamong them, massages, because these rocks have a great capacity to withstand the heat, which is considered ideal for that.

Hot stone massages are recommended for one hour, three days a week. This cycle can relax the muscles and make the positive energies flow. It also aligns the chakras; the belief says that these stones magically extract the bad energies inside the body of each person. These rocks are then placed in the sun for a process of recharging, through which they release the bad energies and recharge with the sun’s rays. According to testimonies of people who perform this type of massage, this technique is very comfortable.

Relaxation is a fundamental element in this massage technique, because by using hot stones, a process of vasodilation is carried out, which leads to a greater state of relaxation. It is advisable to see a professional for a hot stone massage, because he/she will know the areas and strategic points to be treated.

It is said that this technique is part of an oriental tradition used to stabilize the body, mint and soul of men and women who are the instrument of energy to channel plans on earth.

These massages are part of the magical properties that are attributed to volcanic rocks, which also help significantly in the release of stress, so it is highly recommended for treating relationships. In addition, treatments with volcanic rocks are part of the properties that nature provides to man, to be used as healing properties.

Regarding volcanoes, also known as great rock formations, there are many myths and stories related to them, because their power emanates from the earth and sometimes they are an outlet for the power of this planet, which undoubtedly, according to astrology is considered an important energy movement. In this sense, these rocks are directly connected with the energy centers of both nature and the human body; therefore, metaphysical beliefs assume that stones have a great healing power, considered magical, because it is not yet completely proven that they can indeed affect those who use it for this purpose.

Although many people have great faith in volcanic rocks and their magical properties, whenever there is a health condition, you’d better see a doctor, who will indicate if such palliative treatment is necessary.