Throughout history, many legends and fairy stories, stories full of beauty and charm. What few know is that not everything is magic and beauty, some of the legends that are told today sometimes have a different story, sometimes a little dark. There are various theories of its origin, its purposes and aptitudes. They say that fairies come from Greek mythology, that they protected nature, were friendly and liked to socialize with human beings, but there are magical fairy stories what we would like to tell you.

In the north of the European region they used to call them «lumens of nature», some time later they came to be considered mystical beings from the underworld, for the reason that they only appeared in the surroundings of the burial mounds (a mountain of earth raised on a or several tombs in the stone age), they say that thanks to this, humans believe in life after death. In the Middle Ages, they cease to be funeral beings, to beautiful women who were described in medieval books, where the knights had affairs with them.

Another of the myths about the origins of fairies is based on the fact that they are the souls of dead children who do not want to say goodbye to the world. In Ireland they are known as Banshee, small, ghostly-looking creatures with red hair. In England it is believed that those children who died and were not baptized become fairies.

On the other hand, you will come across myths that say that fairies are angels, but not those with beautiful appearance and impeccable dress, they are the ones who were degraded for being arrogant and against the law, demonic beings who were perhaps expelled from heaven long before than the king of them. What they say is that these beings fell in love with the earth and decided to strip themselves of their purity.

Between the fairy stories, the most beautiful origin that we have been told is expressed in the movie TinkerBell, as they relate at the beginning of the film, with the first innocent laugh of a baby a new fairy is born. However, they do not come out of a flower, but rather, a crystal, which is broken into thousands of particles and from there the fairies are born, as it is said in Peter Pan. But it does not speak of a physical crystal, but rather, it is celestial. Based on the origins there are millions of legends that you will not believe about them, we are going to know them.

the fairy of the woods

As explained above, fairies are protectors of the forest, but they also encourage humans to take care of nature in general. They grant wishes to those who abide by these orders as a reward. However, for those who ignore it, they say that a fairy appears and makes the person dream that he hears the sounds of the forest and is on the right track. These tiny creatures, in the distance are like a small green butterfly, but up close, it is a lady with green wings, like in princess stories.

the ten fairies

Legend has it that there was a beautiful maiden named Elsa, she had hardworking parents with a lot of money, they did it so that their daughter never had to work in her life. For this reason, the young woman did not even know how to wash a dish, she only knew how to be happy and show her emotion by singing. Because she was such a good-hearted woman, everyone admired her. In a short time, Elsa married a young man with great values, however, she lived very far from her parental home.

Moving in with the young man, the poor girl was surrounded by things to do at home and she had no knowledge about it, her attempts were a total failure. She had a servant who helped her, but she did not know how to instruct her in any way, because of that the servant did not do anything for her.

All this displeased the husband, one day he expressed his annoyance, leaving the young woman crying, and wished she had ten little fairies to help her. Suddenly a skinny and tall old man appeared, who asked the young woman why she was sad, she explained and told her what she wanted, then the old man shook her cape and the ten little creatures appeared. Which each one was hidden in the fingers of the girl and the old man disappeared. Since then, they have helped Elsa, the servant also began to work and there was no more sadness or inconvenience in the house, I live happily with her husband.

Just like these there are others magical fairy stories that are very interesting, so we invite you to be aware of the second part of this article, there we will learn more about these mystical beings.