Magic baths to attract money and fortune fast

Magic baths to attract money In these changing times, many people face serious financial challenges. Some have to sell things and some want to start businesses from scratch so they can pay the bills.

To do this, it is necessary to have a good attitude to overcome obstacles and attract money, and esoteric baths with plants can help facilitate this process.

Here are several magical baths to attract money:


Magic baths to attract money

Magic baths to attract money # 1 Earn money Take a petal from a yellow rose and keep it in your wallet. Boil what remains of the flower in a liter of water. Strain, wait for it to cool down and, after your daily bath, pour the preparation over your body, from the neck down. Wait for your body to dry naturally.

Then say the psalm 39, wrap the petal in your wallet with a cash bill of any denomination and give it to those who need it more than you. Throw the rest of the bathroom in a vase with flowers and take care of the plant with care.

Magic baths to attract money # 2 Receive a lot of money On a new moon day, early in the morning, buy a small golden lock and leave it on a sheet of paper. laurel until dark. When you finish taking your usual bath, pass the padlock over your hands and feet saying:

«Moon, here is the lock to my wealth,

only I can open it so that more wealth enters.”

Wipe your feet and hands with a yellow towel. Put the lock in a place where no one can see it and leave it there as long as you want. Throw the bay leaf in the trash and use the towel as usual.

Magic baths to attract money # 3 Manage money On the last Friday of any month, as soon as you wake up, pour some hot water, being careful not to burn yourself, in a bowl with a glass of uncooked rice. Wait for it to heat up, strain this mixture, take a normal bath, and then pour the water over your body from the neck down. Then get dressed in clean white clothes. Throw the rice to a garbage can near your house. Use the bowl again normally.

Magic baths to attract money #4 Make payments and what’s left Scoop out the petals of a red rose and keep one in your bag or wallet. Boil three liters of water and add the other petals. Wait for it to cool down, take it to the bathroom and bathe in this mixture from the neck down. Let your body dry naturally and wear light-colored clothing. Be understanding every time you receive your salary. Throw bath petals under running water.

Magic baths to attract money # 5 Do not run out of money Early in the morning of the first day of the month, take a rose, take out a petal and wrap it in a cash bill of any value. Bury in a well-flowered vase. With the rest of the rose make a tea, in two liters of water. Let it warm up and bathe with the preparation, from the neck down and dry yourself with a white towel.

Repeat this bath another day if you feel the need. The rest of the bathroom, throw it in the trash. After washing the towel, use it again as usual.

Magic baths to attract money #6 Place your order! Boil the petals of a yellow rose with two liters of water and wait for it to heat up. This done, take your usual bath and pour the mixture from the neck down while you place your order.

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Then wait for the body to dry naturally and put on a white garment. Throw the rest of the bath in the trash and use the boiling container as usual after washing it. The garment can also be used normally.

Magic baths to attract money # 7 Do not worry about finances Take a white rose petal and wrap it in a cash bill of any value. Leave the package in your wallet for three days.

Put the rest of the rose in two liters of warm water and pour this preparation on your feet after your usual bath. The remains of the bathroom must be thrown in the trash. Use the bill as you like and keep the petal in your wallet for as long as you like.

Magic baths to attract money # 8 Have luck with money Place seven clovers in a red cloth bag, sewn together by hand and closed with a red thread. Pour seven drops of benzoin perfume on the envelope and let it rest in a liter of boiled water. While you wait for the water to heat up, write down the first numbers that come to mind.

Take a shower and then pour this water on your hands and feet. Bury the peacock in a vase of flowers and go out and play a game the same day, using the numbers you wrote down.


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