American scientists created the famous luminous tattoos, they are so called because the ink to make them has tiny silicon semiconductors the size of a grain of rice, with a thickness of 250 nanometers and a millimeter in length.

The best known body alterations are tattoos and when we mention them quickly we imagine an infinite number of images captured on the skin through ink, however, this is the new trend; These are fluorescent designs that shine even if there is not much light present..

Various people have a tattoo on their body, visible or in some circumstances hidden from the eyes of others; Sometimes it is considered part of the privacy of women, in other cases, they like to show off authentic works of art on their skin. If you are one of those who likes tattoos, you will love this new style!

It is a silicone implant that has a series of magnetically activated «LEDs» to illuminate tattoos; emitting a type of light similar to that produced by fireflies shining under the skin, lasting approximately fifteen minutes.

It is important to clarify that they are not harmful to the environment, since they have low energy consumption; it also does not contain mercury and even a large part of its elements are recyclable, being considered as an eminently ecological trend. A curious fact about these tattoos is that when a magnet is installed in the device, its five “LED” lights begin to blink and after ten seconds, they return to the standby condition.

It should be noted that when the batteries are fully discharged, the tattoo can only be removed by surgical intervention. In the next few years, the chip, in addition to giving us beauty and adorning the skin, could work as an external device for a phone, great right? Scientists say they are preparing to explore the possible benefits that this propensity can provide.

The ability of the chip to record movements of a person’s hand wirelessly and transfer these signals to the receiving device is also being studied; other tools will be that it will serve as a personalized hands-free controller; as well as turning the skin into a screen to extend information. Scientists point to medical applications such as the progress of sensors for blood sugar levels, which show their readings and results on the skin of diabetic patients.

Truly a wonderful alternative! besides being an aesthetic product; offers ecological and medical advantages. However, if you decide to get a luminous tattoo, you must take the necessary precautions and care, because despite the fact that your body will not be at any risk, it is important to be very careful and think carefully before doing it.