Luck biblical meaning (what is luck according to the Bible)

Biblical meaning Luck Recently we have been asked the following: What is luck according to the Bible? What does the word luck mean in the Bible? What is your relationship with superstition? If we believe in God can we wear an amulet? Does luck have biblical meaning? What is the meaning of the word luck in the Bible? What is luck according to the Bible?

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General features

Luck has somewhat contradictory meanings. The original term is related to the predetermined destiny by a deity or force, what we could call providence.

Eastern religions, in particular, believe that luck can be somehow controlled through superstitious actions. Religious rites (such as rubbing the stomach of a Buddha statue or lighting incense) are performed to induce supernatural powers to change an adept’s fortunes.

Today, luck more often refers to an event that is out of the control of those involved and has major repercussions, good or bad.

This type of luck is related to chaos theory, which states that most situations are affected by so many elements that the outcome seems random and certainly unpredictable. However, we now wonder what is luck according to the Bible? or luck biblical meaning.


Its symbolism in the Holy Scriptures

Luck biblical meaning (What is luck according to the Bible) #1 To resolve a situation The question of luck is mentioned a lot in the Bible. Luck is used in various moments of the daily life of the people of God. An example of this was when luck was used to decide which of the two chosen goats would be the scapegoat and which one would be sacrificed: «He shall cast lots over the two goats: one lot for Yahweh and another lot for the scapegoat.» (Lev. 16. 8).

Another example was the use of luck to define complicated situations: «By casting lots, the disputes cease and the cause is decided between the powerful.» (Prov 18. 18). Note that in both cases luck was used to resolve a situation.

Luck biblical meaning (What is luck according to the Bible) #2 Equitable division Lot was also used with God’s approval in dividing the promised land among the twelve tribes of Israel as to what portion of the land each would live on: «But the land shall be divided by lot (or in some versions lottery). ); according to the names of the tribes of their fathers they shall inherit it.” (No. 26. 55).

Luck biblical meaning (What is luck according to the Bible) #3 to designate someone The apostles used the lot to define who would be the substitute for Judas, who betrayed Jesus, if Joseph or Matthias: “And they drew lots, and the lot fell on Matthias, and he was given a place with the eleven apostles. (Acts 1. 26).

Luck biblical meaning (What is luck according to the Bible) #4 The hand of God The above three points, too, make it clear that the Bible does not support the world’s idea that luck is the work of chance.

The Bible shows the use of chance to determine the sovereign will of God against the doubts that men, flawed as they are, have. That is, when they cast lots they believed that the hand of Almighty God was clarifying his sovereign will on the facts. This is also made clear in Proverb 16.33.


So why is it related to superstition?

As we have seen, the Bible does use the word “lucky” on occasion, but not as a completely unforeseen event; it generally indicates that the people involved had no way of knowing something would happen, but it does not follow that God did not know.

He acts in a way that we call “miraculous”. The how, when, and why of his performance are often hidden from us. But whether he ordered it or he allowed it to happen, he allowed it. He is in control, orchestrating natural consequences and miracles in a way that will bring honor to Him and salvation to us.

The Bible does not see fit to use superstition to gain the favor of God or any deity for fortunate results.

That said, should a Christian own a lucky charm or engage in superstitious actions like wearing the same socks to every baseball game?

If amulets, such as a rabbit’s foot, a horseshoe, or an elephant with its trunk raised, are non-religious and are worn in a way that is representative of a culture and not in a way that trips up another or attempts to attract royal fortune, you are probably right.

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Rituals can be used to calm nerves or mentally prepare for an event. But we should all recognize that nothing is truly random, and that God cannot be manipulated by four-leaf clovers or dirty socks. The time would be better spent following God, preparing for that game, and not risking anything too expensive in poker.

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