Libra natives: interesting facts and secrets about them

Those born between September 23 and October 22 are natives of the Libra sign. It is the seventh sign of the zodiac, people for whom tact, charm and flexibility are the main traits that define them. Though they are also often known for their logical mind, balanced character, and fair judgment.

But we must also add that they will be influenced by the energy of Venus as a planet, who will facilitate and help harmonize relationships. But it will also lead them to seek beauty in its different forms, especially in what respects art and fashion.

However, there is much more to Libra natives that many of us have no idea about or overlook. Even if you are a Libra native, you may not know a few things about yourself or your friends and family who share this sign. Discover below some secrets of the Libra personality that will certainly allow you to understand and get to know them on a deeper level.

Libra natives: quick facts

Zodiac animal or symbol that represents them: Balance

Element to which they belong: Air

ruling planet: Venus

House: Seventh

Season: Fall

Metals: copper, platinum

Most compatible signs: Leo and Sagittarius

Body parts it governs: Kidneys, bladder, prostate

Gemstones: Sapphire, precious coral

lucky colour: Pink

Lucky numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33

Your lucky day: Friday

Keywords: Judgment, Perfectionist, Insincere, Polite, Charming, Attractive, Kind, Thoughtful, Tactical, Thoughtful, Welcoming

Libra natives: secrets of their personality

They are excellent at capturing emotions.

When it comes to managing people, not many people can do better than these guys. People born under this sign are blessed with tact, which means that they are always in tune with the feelings of others. If someone feels left out at work or in her private life, she will intuitively see this and act to help. Also, Libra is one of the best listeners according to the zodiac sign.

They are very perceptive and almost have psychic powers

This almost goes hand in hand with their emotional intelligence, but these people are particularly perceptive. While others may focus on what’s in front of them, Libra will keep an eye on things around them. They will notice little things, like people’s expressions, to know if they are lying to them.

Libra natives have a hard time forgiving and forgetting

Are Libras the kind of people who just forgive and forget? Not quite! While they may be happy to squash a minor dispute for the sake of friendship, don’t expect them to forget what happened. Keeping track of the past gives them a better basis for accurately judging people.

they are indecisive

When it comes to making a final decision, expect the natives of this sign to avoid the situation. While they are emotionally sensitive and intelligent, their indecisive nature means they prefer to take a middle ground on issues, distrusting your opinion if there is a chance someone will be offended.

They love to talk to people

People often overlook the sociability of this zodiac sign. As people who enjoy being around other people, they are usually adept conversationalists and tend to get along with most people they come across. Using their touch, they will know what to say to a new acquaintance to make them friends.

They are manipulative by nature

Similarly, this sign is one of the most manipulative zodiacs, believe it or not. They are always thinking of a few advances, using flattery and the occasional white lie to help them curry favor with others. Although many times no one seems to notice.

They are very flirty

Their reluctance to make permanent decisions could lead people to believe that Libra is a commitment-phobic zodiac, especially since flirting is something they embrace. People of this zodiac sign are more than happy to flirt and tease various people to test if they are a potential match. This is not the only reason, of course, they secretly love attention.

He has the qualities of a martyr

In situations where someone has to be the bigger person and take responsibility, these guys are usually the first to step up. While they may not be the cause, they are more than happy to take responsibility if it means the group dynamic remains harmonious.

They hate selfishness

When it comes to choosing friends and relationships, the biggest no-no for the natives of this sign is selfishness. As people who always put collective happiness before their own needs, selfish people are their direct enemies when it comes to maintaining harmony.

They are always loyal

Even though they may have the skills to manipulate and charm, Libra is one of the most loyal zodiac signs. Once they feel that a real connection has been made, they will keep your secrets to the grave, even if it costs them, and will not speak ill of others behind their backs.

Librans are self-critical and always want to give 110%

Having everyone’s harmony and happiness on your shoulders can sometimes seem like a great weight. They tend to put too much pressure on themselves trying to make everyone happy, which can sometimes become overbearing and make them self-critical.

They are very relaxed people.

When it comes to their attitude towards life, Libras definitely belong to some of the more laid back zodiac signs. When life is moving at 100 miles an hour and everyone is panicking, they will step away from the chaos for a more peaceful reflection on the issues at hand.

Libra natives are good listeners

Libras are some of the best people to have a long talk with when you’re feeling down. Well, they won’t interrupt him or tell him they don’t have time, they’ll just listen to him and then give him the advice he needs.