Libra anger, what makes this zodiac sign angry?

The Libra’s wrath it is sparked by seeing injustice of any kind happen, be it to themselves, close friends, or even complete strangers. Libras are just and fair-minded people. So when a person demonstrates personality traits that are ruthless and unfair, this can spark Libra’s wrath.

When Libras get angry, there’s usually a good reason. internally begins the Libra’s wrath just before it is triggered emotionally. If you want to know what makes this zodiac sign angry, keep reading to find out, here we will tell you everything you need to know, from what an angry Libra is like, what makes him angry and how to calm him down.

What is a Libra like when they are angry?

Libra natives are the best at keeping their anger hidden. It can seem almost impossible to upset them because they know how to keep their emotions to themselves.

So it’s hard to tell if a Libra has been upset, but if they haven’t said anything for days, that’s definitely a sign they’re upset. Holding grudges, they can bring up old arguments when they fight with someone.

The calm, balanced and diplomatic Libra is not easily angered. They will willingly act as mediators for others, helping to resolve disputes, but this cardinal air sign is not one to forgive misdeeds of their own.

When it comes to themselves, Libra can’t handle a face-to-face situation and turns the issue into a full-fledged war. Fortunately, an upset Libra will shut out his adversary, perhaps for eternity.

Things that make Libra angry

There are a number of things that can provoke a Libra’s anger. Let’s see what is likely to make Libra lose his temper.

rude people

Libras tend to be better equipped to negotiate and deal with difficult people. They are often able to maintain a friendly posture even after their patience wears thin.

If someone repeatedly disrespects them despite their efforts to appease and adapt, the Libra man or woman can unleash claws that other people would never suspect they had.

Although Libra tends to dislike physical violence, they can have a very sharp and sarcastic tongue. With their words, Libra can easily make a fool of bellicose and rude individuals who act as if the world revolves around them.

stressful circumstances

Stressful situations in general can make Libra very neurotic and irritable. For this sign, maintaining balance in your life is vital for your emotional well-being. When their life is turned upside down, they can become unusually picky and get worked up about relatively insignificant things.

This can poison their personal lives and cause them to regret it and take it out on their loved ones and others close to them. Ironically, Libras are good at hiding this from the rest of the world and can maintain a public facade that makes them seem like they have it all together.

personal attacks

Although Librans have a reputation as the diplomats and goodwill ambassadors of the zodiac, they don’t take kindly to personal attacks on them and their character.

Because they are often so charismatic, personable, and popular, they rarely have to deal with such sprays. However, the mere fact of being in that situation can irritate them. They don’t like having to defend themselves like that, especially when it comes to their private lives.

They generally want to keep things respectful, friendly, and frank, so when someone goes out of their way to offend them and cause a conflict, it can stir up the Libra’s wrath.

On the other hand, cynical Libras who are somewhat insecure can sometimes develop a “take them before they get me” attitude that leads them to pre-emptively push people’s buttons.


cruelty and violence

Libra is a sign that is normally opposed to violence in general. He is sensitive to the mistreatment and pain of others and can become ruthless against those who provoke him.

Libras tend to have a very good heart and spirit who seek to preserve and protect what is precious and vulnerable. Although they tend to use diplomacy against aggressors, the passion of their outrage can make their expression even more heated.

The injustice

As a sign that has a keen sense of balance and justice, Libra can be embittered by what it believes to be gross miscarriages of justice. Not just in the court of law, but in her everyday life.

Unrequited gestures and inconsideration of others can also be taken badly by Libra. As one of the most romantic signs, Libra seeks to be appreciated and recognized for what he does for others. Although they can be very generous and accommodating, they do not like to feel slighted.

If they feel that their relationship with others is unbalanced and they are giving more than they receive in return, it can foster negative feelings and resentment in the person of Libra.


Libras can be sensitive to criticism, at least when it comes from what they perceive to be jealous and envious people. They seek to protect their image and the desire to please the majority.

However, Libra will find that they can’t please everyone and some people will have negative perceptions and judgments about them regardless of what they do.

This can often demoralize Libra more than make them angry. But, if they feel the criticism is misplaced or coming from an enemy, they can inspire righteous indignation in the Libra person and respond with criticism of their own.

How to calm the anger of Libra?

Libras need a suitable environment so as not to feel more psychologically distressed and they love to listen to good music while drinking a glass of wine.

They can do all this when the situation is too dramatic and they have no hope of escaping. Having a very dark side, they are starting to think positively again by pampering themselves.

The sign of the scales sometimes goes crazy for drama. When they are involved in conflicts, they do not know how to react. Their favorite tactic is to be cold and not talk to the person who hurt them anymore.

They can do this for years and even more, so their loved ones are advised not to make them angry because it may be very difficult to save the situation again.