Two people born under the same sign do not always have identical characteristics, and many times they do not identify with the same qualities or defects. The only reason for this is the rising sign associated with the sun sign; that is, the sum of these two, in part, is what will make the difference between people of the same sign. Today the chosen one is Libra and hers is twelve ascendants of hers, to decipher each one of her personalities according to all the zodiacal combinations.

Following the zodiacal order, the Libra woman with Aries ascendant has an impulsive personality, is sociable, extroverted with aptitudes for design, painting, dance, scenic art and aesthetics in general. Now, the personality of a Libra with Taurus is affectionate; coquette; sensitive; persistent; methodical and peaceful. Her vocation will be commerce, business, dance and song.

For their part, Librans with Geminis are attractive, magnetic, intelligent; They stand out for their friendliness and kindness. They have qualities in the field of cosmetology, literature, public speaking and elocution. Now, Librans with rising Cancer are beautiful natives, homely and familiar, understanding, defenders of their convictions, romantic and sensual. Cooking, crafts, teaching, and diplomacy are her greatest skills.

A Libra with a Leo ascendant, will be attentive to others, protective, popular, creative with artistic sense, lover of luxury but indecisive. You will be successful in just about anything, primarily art, public relations, and teaching. Likewise, when the sign of Libra is combined with Virgo, she will be a sober woman, a lover of beauty and harmony. In love she will be complicated and cold; Laws, politics, as well as music and painting will be her best professions to stand out.

The Libra woman with Libra ascendant, loves what is comfortable and easy, is realistic, loyal, falls deeply in love and hates breakups. She is sensitive, with an artistic and aesthetic sense, she does not like loneliness and her best professions will be law, diplomacy, marketing, in addition to acting, modeling and cosmetology. On the other hand, Libra with Scorpio will be a female of great intuition and personal strength, very persuasive, sensual, and dominant. With gifts for dancing, occultism, painting and medicine.

Who are Libra with SagittariusThey will be lovers of freedom and independence, as rebels, ambitious and idealistic. Equally intellectuals, athletes and with a tendency to architecture, law and plastic arts. If the combination is Libra with Capricorn, romanticism, controlled emotions, seriousness, responsibility, the spiritual and the obligation will define it; in addition to having aptitudes for administration, law, politics, mathematics and calculation.

Libra woman with Aquarius it will be liberal, independent, modern, progressive and with innovative ideas. Likewise, their best professions will be in science, informatics, computing and astronomy. To finish, the natives of Libra with Pisces will have an attachment to nature. Imagination, emotionality, sensitivity, intuition and artistic creativity will define her, as will her capacity for the arts, poetry and astrology.