Compatibility between two people is necessary to have a lasting and happy relationship. Many people wonder why their relationships don’t work out, or they end up being unbearable with each other. And to tell the truth, many of these incompatibilities are due to the signs of each person, since the signs determine the personality, and it is necessary to know which signs will be the ideal ones to establish a fruitful relationship.

One of the best partners for Leo, without a doubt, will be Libra. There is a high chance of success in this combination, as they share many things in common, and become stronger as friends, boyfriends, and lovers when they come together. The combination of Leo and Scorpio can bring some conflicts, since both have strong egos, however, these conflicts are resolved with episodes of passion, and they can be a lasting combination.

The Leo woman will feel comfortable with a Sagittarius man, it will be a romantic, ardent and natural combination. Since both signs are optimistic, generous and romantic, they understand and love each other with passion and tenderness, and they are the perfect accomplices. Fire and earth do not usually combine very well, however, in the case of Leo and Capricorn, can give good resultssince Leo will admire Capricorn for his dignity and commitment, and Capricorn will be the one who knows how to handle Leo’s arrogance in the best way.

Opposites attract, and this is the case with Leo and Aquarius, who have an intense initial attraction, although later they will have to adapt to the opposite personalities of both; Leo characterized by an incredible desire for leadership, and Aquarius by enormous detachment. In intimacy, Leo and Pisces will be a wonderful combination, however, for the love between these signs to work it is necessary for both to remember the reason for their union at first, and learning to cope with the feelings and desires of their partner.

An excellent couple is the one formed by Leo and Aries, in which love is born immediately, both will be able to support and admire each other, and forming a long and lasting relationship. If both learn to avoid stubbornness, the Leo and Taurus couple can be successful, despite their different nature, since there is a great attraction between these signs.

The elements of air and fire are very compatible, and proof of this is the Leo and Gemini couple, who will enjoy the pleasure of living well and will have many plans together. Between Leo and Cancer there can be attraction and passion, however, they can fade over time, since the dominant fire of Leo is something that the emotional Cancer crab does not know how to deal with.

The natives of the Leo sign are very compatible with each other, since both are fiery, passionate and determined, with which they can achieve great things together and be a successful and fruitful relationship. If they learn to accept each other, Leo and Virgo can be a good match, as Virgo can be intimidated by Leo’s ego.