Become an expert in tricks and products to make small facial imperfections invisible. The concealer conceals pimples and blemishes on the face. It is used for skin tone, although there is also green, you will know why. There are many formats, then learn what the main ones are and how they work.

Sticks are much like lipsticks and are used like one of them, applying directly to the spot you need to cover. The pencil is ideal for covering pimples or specific spots. It will glide better if you sharpen the pencil before you use it.

The compact concealer is a solid concealer cream. The most practical, hygienic and precise way to spread it is with the help of a brush or sponge. Liquid concealer is a very convenient presentation, because it comes in containers that have a built-in brush. The product rises up the applicator with a little pressure or twist. After learning about the types of concealers, learn how to use them. In three easy steps we’ll show you how to make even the most blatant blemishes completely invisible.

The first thing is to clean and disinfect the area with an anti-pimple product. This will keep the pimple at bay and dry out. Then apply a small amount of concealer with the brush or sponge and be very careful to perfectly blend the contour.

To finish, apply powder over the concealer, which helps the product stay good longer and does not move. There are correction pencils or sticks that combine two great qualities: on the one hand, they visually disappear pimples and, as they are antibacterial, they treat the infection that causes them. Do not forget to carry such a pencil in your bag. They do not get in the way and will get you out of trouble at any time. They also fulfill double function.

The magic of the color green: Green is complementary to red, which is why correctors of that color are used to neutralize and hide the red spots on the face. However there are many colors that you can use depending on the case. Yellow is used to cover purple tones such as dark circles. Blue, for brown or dark skin. Orange, being the opposite color to blue, is suitable for very pale or white skin. And purple, for yellowish skin.

For a perfect finish, after applying the green, apply a second concealer to match your skin tone. Do it with small touches so as not to drag the product that is underneath. It will be flawless!

For the area of ​​dark circles, choose the concealer that most closely resembles the color of your skin or even a lighter shade to brighten the look. Put a few drops on the bottom of the eyes and spread it with small touches without dragging the product. With these tips you can easily hide redness, blemishes and acne. Remember to wash your face very well before bed and completely remove makeup. This way you will look radiant at all times.