There is no day that a woman does not look herself in a mirror and be her biggest critic, being on the latest trends never escape from a woman’s mind

Regardless of age, women always want to look beautiful to enhance their self-esteem, and the idea is that the years do not go over them. For these things there are countless tips, if bathing in the waters of eternal youth, healthy food, and exhaustive exercise routines, among many others.

No one questions the benefits that a healthy life creates in the physical of every woman, but for those who just want to improve their habits of daily life aligned with work, children and other responsibilities, found fashion rising called youtubers.

A youtuber is responsible for making videos of collective interest issues, such as tutorials or advices. Fashion and beauty are no exception. Here we present six women of different ages, who dedicate their audiovisual minutes to make your life easier:

The channel called Mariale is created by Maria Alejandra, a 24-year-old Venezuelan biologist, who for several years has dedicated a channel to teach makeup to young and contemporary adult women.
The same applies in the case of Liz P channel, a Spanish authority responsible for collecting the best tips on makeup, outfits, hairstyles and beauty routines, to women who want to look after their appearance at any occasion.

Also in Spain is Ximena de la Sernaan entrepreneur who can help you with your daily routines, as acne treatments, cellulite, and among other needs such as haircuts, handicrafts and beauty in general.
meanwhile Tannia Hernandezperformed tutorials for those nails that tend to mirror the personal care of a woman, her tutorials consist of creating step by step innovative designs and nothing boring for a nail salon at home.

Finally you might find new youtubers such as Jessica Barboza from Venezuela, with her channel called peace and vogue, dedicated to a more refined and elegant woman, and the Gaby Espino renowned TV program, with a channel under the same name aimed at both young, and mature people, pleasing all tastes and colors.

The idea is to incorporate new trends, age is not an impediment to follow or not different generations presenting a new, and entertaining material. They can help in times of trouble where the solution is not within reach of the hands, but of technology.

Remember that a Youtuber is not necessarily an expert in the subject dealt with, but tries to find solutions to everyday life, if you decide to follow any advice which you are unsure of, the best is to consult with experts. There are countless options, the best is to subscribe to these channels according to your tastes and needs.