One of the most controversial dresses in history was made of raw meat. In the MTV awards 2010 the controversial singer Lady Gaga wore a suit made with cuts of beef by the designer Franc Fernandez, the Argentine residing in Los Angeles, who has been made famous by the peculiar designs to the pop artist. The piece, which was saved by the Cleveland Museum, located in the United States, will be now exposed until the end of this year as part of an exhibition that tries to remember controversial facts and that is called “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” .

Such as reported by the media, the museum got the garment the day after the award ceremony of the 2010 and was transported to the place in a truck with monitored temperature. In addition, the institution explained in a statement that “to keep the clothing was placed in a tank full of chemicals and, when it was still flexible, it was turned to body shape and then get dry”. Also, the experts painted it to look fresh and do not show the damage of five years old.

At that time, the singer earned eight statuettes, among them the award for Video of the Year for “Bad Romance”. The daringness meant criticisms of the protecting groups of animals, but it wasn’t known if the model was done with the idea of ​​turning on alarms in relation to the treatment of the animals.

Only during an interview on the program of Ellen DeGeneres, the American songwriter also made mention of the fact and said: “if we don’t fight for what we believe and if we do not do for our rights, we will soon have as many as the flesh of our bones”. In addition, she stressed: «and I am not a piece of meat.» Beyond the eccentricities of Lady Gaga, who gained fame as an artist after the release of his debut album, The Fame (2008) many are asking themselves, but how they did?, in an interview for MTV, the designer Fernandez said that for her preparation she went to the butcher of her family, who had cut more than 55 pounds of beef skirt.

Then for the part from the waist up used a body that served as base and sewed heavier pieces of meat while he left the fine cuts to the tails of the skirt. With this he assured the mobility of the dress and that it would be able to remain intact on the skin of the singer. It is also known that during the hours of preparing the meat was frozen, this is why it was not bleeding or smelled. The designer said that working with this type of material “doesn’t give you much time to think about the design, so you drape the meat on the dummy almost on the go”.

Meanwhile, the fans of the singer visit the sample to take some pictures with one of the most memorable dresses of the story and had to be worn for the famous diva or would you dare to wear one?