The jewels of Princess Diana of Wales have always been the object of admiration, becoming iconic pieces belonging to the British crown. Among the jewels that make up Lady Di’s collection are a beautiful tiara carved in diamonds and pearls, a sapphire choker and the wonderful engagement ring of the remembered princess.

The famous ring with a beautiful 18-carat blue sapphire that Carlos gave Diana to seal their engagement, was inherited by his children and it was Prince William, for being the first to be engaged, who gave it to Kate Middleton for the same purpose, who always uses the jewel.

On the day of the wedding of Carlos and Diana, the future princess wore the Spencer tiara, one of the best known and most beautiful pieces in the collection. It is made of gold, with star-shaped flowers and beautifully adorned with diamonds of different sizes, in the center there are five diamonds, one of which is larger and is surrounded by a heart.

This emblematic crown was made in 1914, at the request of Queen María, replicating a tiara belonging to Princess María Augusta. It was a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth II to Diana, and the design features pearls and 19 diamond arches that make the piece a one-of-a-kind jewel worthy of a princess. Recently, the Spencer Crown was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge at an important reception at Buckingham Palace.

Of the large number of earrings in the collection, Lady Di’s favorites were ones with sapphires and diamonds, which matched her engagement ring, which he used frequently in different official acts and for family photos. Diana felt a special attraction for these particular jewels.

Likewise, the Princess of Wales loved jewels that had pearls, she had a special affinity with them, and therefore she used them in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches and for grand galas, complementing her outfit, she used the beautiful Spencer tiara.

The last jewel that Lady Di used was the diamond and pearl necklace that was called «El Lago de los Cisnes».”, which was named that way because the night of her death the princess went to the Royal Albert Hall in London to see the presentation of said work with that necklace.

The princess loved jewelry, and another of her favorite stones was blue sapphires, which she was seen wearing at different galas in a beautiful pearl and diamond choker with a huge intense blue sapphire in the center.

All the jewels belonging to Lady Di were distributed after her death, according to a letter called «of her wishes», granting ¾ parts to her children and ¼ part to her godchildren. According to her wish letter, the collection consisted of 16 jewels, of which those inherited by William are often elegantly worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, a worthy heir to royalty.