We invite you to know what «Unani Medicine» consists of, which It has its origin in medieval European medicine; which supported its principles in the therapeutic techniques applied in ancient times, specifically in Greece; where there was a theory based on the four humours: black bile, bile, phlegm and blood; that come to be the fundamental pillars of these methods, which have in Hippocrates, the father of medicine, one of their main defenders, as well as Avicenna, the creator of the canon of medicine.

In this search for alternatives to improve health, man has resorted to different therapeutic methods, and Unani Medicine became one of them; to the point that today it is experiencing a significant boom, representing an alternative system that is little known in Latin America.

The term “unani” refers to the province of Ionia, during the Ancient Greek period; which was located in what is now the western region of Turkey. It is believed that the ancient origins of unani medicine are based on the 4 elements, which are water, earth, air and fire, as in astrology, which combine with the creative principles of disease, which are the cold, hot, wet and dry; that when unbalanced produce different conditions in the body.

In this way, various organs are affected, such as: the heart, the brain, the digestive system and the liver, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body, so a doctor must regularly resort to observing the pulse, the breathing, eyes, urine and feces, to make a diagnosis and try to counteract the disease, through medication, rest, changes in habits, diet and therapies.

Unani medicine has endured over time, and its importance has been recognized in India, to the point that in 1985, its practice was legally recognized; included it in the group of five recognized alternative medical systems, such as: yoga, ayurveda, siddi, homeopathy and unaniincreasing national and international public recognition.

In this way, unani medicine is part of the ancestral methods that are currently being applied in India together with Ayurveda; and have had a significant boom in Western countries such as Mexico, where it has been driven by Dr. David Duarte, who has achieved recognition in different countries, through the application of his method based on unani medicine.

Dr. David Duarte, has been in charge of applying the principles of unani medicine, making an impact through social networks, and ensuring that the effects of diseases considered degenerative and incurable, such as diabetes mellitus, can be minimized. hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, among others.

The basis of unani medicine is found in the change of eating habits, where the elimination of certain food components is included in order to achieve the integral health of the organism, among which are dairy products and carbohydrates. In this way, the individual’s diet should focus on the consumption of meat with fermented beverages; in order to achieve the internalization of a different approach; from which the person must understand what things alter the balanced functioning of his organism, and what he must do to avoid a future imbalance in the future; and maintain a state of comprehensive well-being.

Likewise, the procedures of unani medicine applied by Doctor David Duarte, includes performing therapies based on «spagyria», based on plants produced under the principles of alchemy; through which the objective is to rebalance the body through food and plant medicines.

For these reasons, this medicine resorts to resources that help the intelligent system of our body, to regain health and maintain it, consuming plant medicines that are obtained through spagyric processes, that is, of vegetable alchemy; In addition to a proper diet, as stated above, you must eliminate carbohydrates and dairy products.

In the case of dairy products, unani medicine is based on the fact that, It is said that they produce almost 90% of the diseases that are currently suffered., within which we can mention: type 1 and 2 diabetes, gastritis, reflux, ulcers, sinusitis, allergies, dermatitis, constipation, fatty liver and abdominal distension; because in the digestive process the proteins that these products have, become aggressors for the body.

On the other hand, the water we currently consume is synthetic; for which it does not contain the appropriate minerals, considering that it is in imbalance; and does not provide the body with the necessary elements to maintain good health, thus causing symptoms such as: dry mouth, knee pain, digestive problems, hair loss, brittle nails, ringing in the ears, ovarian cysts, fibroids, and even hormonal problems.

For these reasons, the unani method, part of the basic principle of changing eating habits; identifying the causes of the affections of the organism, to undertake a process of observation of the types of food that are consumed.