The use and meaning of piercings can be due to a religious, cultural practice or simply because of fashion; the latter is the one that can be observed most frequently. The great influence and admiration for its use has managed to awaken in many people the concern of adopting this accessory as a decorative emblem.

Its use dates back to ancient civilizations such as the «Mayas» and «Aztecs», who applied it as religious practices in honor and gratitude to their Gods; however, currently wearing this accessory has spread throughout the world and usually with a deep-rooted reason for expression, identity, language and fashion.

Below are the areas where piercings are usually used, so pay attention so you can know the meaning and intention of each one.

In the tongue: It was first used by the Mesoamerican Indigenous Tribes and those of North America, as a symbol of pacts and communication with their Gods, and once this area was pierced, its blood was applied in the ritual. Nowadays, the «piercing» in this area has a sexual connotation, since it evacuates sensuality and stimulation in the practice of oral sex.

In the nose: this part of the religious and cultural practice, because it was used by the Indigenous Tribes of America, spreading to India; where it is normal to see it in both men and women; who carry it as a religious and marital status symbol. Nowadays, it is usual to see it as an accessory on the faces of great artists; and in many people who assume it as fashion and style.

On the lip: it was used by the African Tribes as a characteristic way of imitating their Gods, which led them to be exaggerated in its implementation. It is worn on the lip in different ways: in the middle, to the side or simply below it.

In the eyebrow: It is very common in men, although many women have also decided to wear it. It can be used in different ways: vertical, horizontal and diagonal. It is considered a symbol of rebellion, freedom and inner confidence.

In the belly button: This is one of the most used and preferred by women, as it is considered an expression of sensuality and beauty. In addition, it is said that it produces pleasure in sexual relations, due to the rubbing of the skin as a kind of caress.

As you can see, the «piercing» carries a valuable history in its use, so if you want to get one, it is recommended that you consider the area and its meaning. Luck!