At some point in his life he must have seen them, perhaps in a book, a magazine or perhaps even on a television program, and they surely caught his attention; We talked to him about the mandalas. Believe it or not, these beautiful circle-shaped drawings, full of different shapes and images, but above all with a lot of color, are not just decorative elements or art; mandalas are much more than a simple drawing, join us and find out their meanings.

The word «mandala» comes from a very old language of India called «Sanskrit», it means «sacred circle». In various cultures, circles are considered the perfect shape; they symbolize the universe and eternity, thus representing the cycle of life.

The mandalas are circular figures, whose shapes are drawn having as reference the center of the circle and the four cardinal points. Its design is free, and so are the colors to choose from; That is why mandalas are considered graphic representations of the «inner self» of a person.

Now, what is the meaning of the mandalas? They have many meanings and these will vary according to the forms that are drawn within them.

Drawing circles within the mandala means distance or loneliness, but at the same time, it also reflects the security of the person drawing and the connection with their true self. Hearts are a symbol of happiness, love and strong alliances.

When butterflies are drawn, it is about transition in life, evolution of the soul. If the mandala has labyrinths, it means that the person is confused, lost, in search of his true «I». Instead, squares signify balance, stability, and harmony.

But not only the shape influences the meaning of the mandalas, the colors used to fill it play a very important role and also have different meanings that, together with the shapes, will give an interpretation to whoever draws it of their current state of mind, of how you feel with your true “I” and your connection with the universe.

Using the color white in a mandala means goodness or purity; black, on the other hand, is related to death and sadness, generally whoever chooses this color is in a difficult moment in her life.

The mandalas that have a red color have to do with love, and those that have blue have to do with the internal peace of the person. Purple represents wisdom and green, connection with nature and happiness.

While a person makes a mandala, he abstracts from the world and connects with the universe, and in the same way he does it with his true «I». Drawing a mandala is a good way to meditate, relax and achieve that concentration that is sometimes needed in life.

Dare to draw one, explore this ancient form of meditation, connect with the universe and let that energy flow inside you, get rid of everything bad. At the end, contemplate your mandala and look for its meaning; know that you must change in your life and face it in a better way.

Do not wait more; find paper, pencil and colors, and start drawing to meditate!