Have you heard of telekinesis? Surely you have heard that the term is related to the mental power that some people have to move objects only with their thoughts. This idea is very old, but it is in the year 1800, when work began to demonstrate this phenomenon from a scientific point of view; because spiritistic practices were common and it was claimed that, in the process of communication with the dead, objects moved by themselves and levitated.

However, the years and centuries passed and nothing could be demonstrated about this phenomenon, until In 1940 a scientist named JB Rhine began to do some telekinesis experiments. with some people, asking them to change the outcome of the dice roll. Despite Rhine’s attempt, no concrete conclusions were ever reached about telekinesis, due to flaws in his evidence; however, he remained very convinced of the existence of mental power.

This is how the interest and uncertainty about this type of phenomena grew, and with it the appearance of many false mediums also increased; who took advantage of the moment to make money with the supposed telekinesis. In the 1970s more ghost characters appeared, within which it includes the remembered Uri Geller, one of the best known psychics of the time, who was believed to be able to twist a spoon with his mind. However, it could not be scientifically proven that telekinesis existed as such.

But, the believers of this phenomenon, also called telekinesis, consider that this phenomenon is real and feasible, placing it in the field of parapsychology, as an event that occurs without using any physical means, which can be observed directly; highlighting the influence that a person could exert on a physical system; without the intervention of energy or known physical resource; so it is the intervention of psychic energy to manipulate the physical plane.

According to those who understand the matter, all people have this ability or capacity, but you must have perseverance to develop it, and very few believe in the possibility, and do not make an effort to achieve it. Since this is a process to which time and patience must be dedicated, for which it can last for years, so that it is possible to develop and control it; so it must be internalized that the best and fastest way to learn telekinesis is through continuous practice.

As a rule, the time it takes to obtain results can vary between the first few days of practice and several months or years, since it depends on each person, their commitment, their habits, their concentration and attention, since not all human beings have the same ability to concentrate on something, there are even people who are very distracted or easy to lose concentration, who it would take a lot to get favorable results with telekinesis. These periods can range from 6 weeks to 6 months; with dedicated people; that manage to connect with the part of the brain in charge of controlling this type of mental phenomena.

It is much more difficult when people doubt or do not believe in telekinesis, and deny these psychic phenomena; so if it is your case, don’t even try it, since, without believing, you will never develop this ability; that should be practiced every day, even if the results are not visible, becoming aware of everything around you, such as when meditating or carrying out any activity that requires maximum concentration.

For these reasons, it is very important to get away from noise, environmental distractions and disturbing people.. Since in the end they are the first obstacle, the practice should preferably be alone (o); to achieve that state of relaxation and adequate concentration. On the other hand, a basic requirement to practice telekinesis is to be in a very good mental and physical state; which will help you enjoy that moment, and that the person does not get nervous or tense, in order to achieve the expected results.

It is important that you free your mind from unnecessary thoughts, as if you were going to meditate; and in this way you must concentrate on the object you want to mobilize, for the period of time that is necessary; you must see it, feel it, smell it, hear it, as if you were part of it; as if they were one, without separation.

The results will depend on each person, including the spiritual and mental evolution that each one has, since the defenders of telekinesis start from the fact that humans only use 10 percent of the brainand those who manage to develop this ability, it is because they have managed to use a higher percentage, and therefore they will also be able to develop other types of skills, such as clairvoyance, for example.

However, detractors maintain that there is no scientific evidence to prove that telekinesis is real, but time will tell who is right, even more so today, when more details about the functioning of our body are discovered every day.