Many know the meaning and constant struggle for which the human being wants to find his soul mate, or also called, ‘soulmate’. However, there is another equally important figure, as it helps to enrich the soul and spirit of its counterpart, highlighting how beautiful it is that the greatest riches lie in the differences. These are the ‘karma mate’Get to know a little about them below.

The ‘karma mate’ They do not tend to be very far from the self-concept of this ancient Buddhist precept. Remember that the Karma it is known as a transcendent, invisible and immeasurable energy that seeks retribution for the actions committed by all spiritual and earthly beings.

In particular, the Karma It is usually compared to the law of cause and effect, where certain events occur in response to previous moments, which translated into the spiritual realm of karma refers to the fact that the reincarnation of a person will be conditioned due to the acts that they already have. did during their past lives.

The astrologer, Mia Astraldefines the ‘karma mate’ as “the relationship we have with a mirror, to whom we owe or who owes us something. Most of the serious relationships we have that lead us to work internally for an extended period of time are. The goal is to accept what is denied in us, sometimes what is hidden and potential, integrate it, heal and there you can let go.

«Many of the ‘karma mate’ they stay together all their lives, especially when it is not one but several lessons to learn. Identification is not so fast, but the feeling of lack when that person is not there is very strong, because it helps us with their presence, challenges and examples, to recognize and integrate ourselves, ”adds the specialist.

For its part, the ‘soulmate’ It is that relationship that is had to reflect the characteristics that remain to be developed, in addition to highlighting the being that one already is, being a special union with which both individuals are energetically nourished to be able to achieve each of their goals.

“This relationship – says Astral – does not necessarily have to be with a lover. Same as the ‘karma mate’a ‘soulmate’ it can be a friend, a father, a brother or any other person who matches in an incomparable way with his spiritual being”.

«Find that ‘soulmate’Contrary to popular belief, it is not difficult. As long as the conscience is worked over the ego. The ego denies because it would be lost, while the function of the conscience helps to identify and appreciate that also known as a soulmate.”

And are they really romantic terms? No, according to medical psychiatrist Brian Weiss. “We have more than one. And that’s why soul mates is not necessarily a romantic term. They are people with whom we have lived in other lives, and there is a way of recognizing their souls that seem familiar to us.”