Joystick Definition

Device that connects to a computer or game console to manually control software, especially games or simulation programs. In Spanish also called joystick. The name comes from the English joy meaning joy and stick meaning stick.

They can be classified into digital joysticks and analog joysticks, the latter being more precise.

There are devices that fulfill similar functions such as gamepads and steering wheels.

In this article we focus on joysticks related to computers, but we can also find them to control machines such as wheelchairs, surveillance cameras, cranes, etc.

It is considered an input device or peripheral.

General characteristics of the joystick

A joystick is a device that consists of a lever that is pivoted on a base and reports the direction angle to the equipment to which it is connected (a computer, a video game console, etc.).

They usually have one or more buttons, many of which can be programmed and will serve for further control of the application or game.

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