Trends go out of fashion but your attitude should prevail in any occasion. Regardless of the place to which she has been invited, she cannot miss the opportunity to look beautiful and impressive. The beach, a space for relaxation and recreation, is ideal for wearing the right jewelry and being the star of all eyes.

ANDFirst of all, you should choose materials that are hard and resistant to the sun, sand and sea water, such as gold, silver, plastic or resin.. Other materials can suffer irreversible damage after contact with the environment and continuous exposure to the sun.

The harder and more resistant the stones and metals of the pieces to be worn, in general, the better they resist the corrosive effect of sand, salt water and saltpeter present in the air. Do not think that because you are not going to take a dip, your clothes will be safe.

In the market you will find other soft metals such as copper and brass; alloys such as rose gold or porous stones such as turquoise, ideal for wearing on the beach. Another jewel that you can wear without fear of being damaged are those made of solid gold-plated metal, you can wear them without any inconvenience.

Of course, gold is the quintessential metal that will maintain its characteristics without alterations. For its part, soft metals can suffer in the onslaught of sand and suffer scratches.

In addition to taking care not to damage your jewelry, it is important to remember and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Not only because of the burns that he could suffer, but also because of the marks that they would cause when exposed to them. If part of the trip to the beach is getting a tan, Ideally, you should remove all the pieces you bring and keep them.

The most common is to use earrings and necklaces on the beach. However, fashion is wide and you will find great accessories that you will have the opportunity to show off due to the few clothes that you will wear in the place. Among the various styles of jewelry, it will depend on your taste to look spectacular.