It is true that money does not buy happiness but eccentricity it is an absolute wild card that accompanies the passion for cars. And it is that this behavior that for a long time has been led by men, now the women’s union is also joining.

The eccentricity of the wealthy ranges from lining the car seats with animal skin, to giving an avant-garde “look” to the bodywork with a bath in yellow gold, white gold, silver and even diamond dust. what luxury! It is said that one of the countries with the highest demand for late model cars is which it is very common to see sheikhs and billionaires parading their jewels on wheels as if it were a fashion show.

Others who are joining the passion to have more and more of these machines are soccer players. The most mentioned are Cristiano Ronaldo with a collection of more than 12 luxurious cars. Among them stands out the futuristic model of super sports cars, the “Koenigsegg CCX”.

Lionel Messi has a beautiful white “Maserati Gran Turismo”, considered one of the most expensive cars, according to Forbes magazine. He also joins the list of fans, the Colombian James Rodríguez; who owns a gray Audi R8. The brands that most resonate among footballers are: “Ferrari”, “Rolls-Royce”, “Porsche”, “Audi”, “BMW” and “Aston”.

Others that are examples of eccentricity on wheels are the artistswho spend their money on nothing more and nothing less than remodeling the interior of cars with televisions, mini bars with coolers and refrigerators to store drinks, plugs to connect the iron or dryer in case an unforeseen trip happens and even a special seat for your pets.

The most exquisite when buying are Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus; while among the men are Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Eminem, Nicolas Cage and Jay Leno. The latter has a collection in his garage of 84 cars and 73 motorcycles, not counting the trucks.

All these advances began in the 20th century, around 1908, when the businessman and founder of «Ford Motor Company», Henry Ford; he promised to build «a car for the masses.» This is how the «Model T» was unveiled, which became the most commercial car in the world, coming to be considered this fact as the second industrial revolution; since for the first time chain production was carried out.

It is said that by the 1950s, cars began to take on personality and «tuning» style in the United States.. In the 60s and 70s is when in Germany the first transformations in the cars by their owners begin to be seen. And more for the South, specifically in Argentina; the modifications began in the 1990s. This phenomenon, sometimes conventional, other times bizarre, continues to rise worldwide.