There will be a new jeans trends in 2017. It’ll be a new version of the latest style, but with a more casual and informal touch. The ‘skinny jeans trend seems to be coming to an end. They have been around for almost 10 years, but nothing lasts forever, especially fashion trends.

The latest fashion shows have given a clear message: Kiss your skinny jeans goodbye. jeans styles have been recreated over time, to suit different types of body shapes and personalities, and now, ripped jeans have taken the lead. “Jeans used to be the perfect and traditional clothing item for both for men and women, but as I said, they used to be, because in 2017, they tend to go wild. Jeans are perfect for all ages, and light wash jeans are gorgeous”, states Milli on her fashion blog, Chic Milli.

high rise cropped distressed jeans correspond to one of the new 2017 trends. They are completely different from flare jeans, which will also be trendy in 2017. The new version of distressed jeans are shorter than the older versions; they should hit just above your ankle bone.

distressed jeans add a fresh look to your daily outfit. They are casual and sexy at the same time. Besides their light wash, high rise and ankle length, the new version of distressed jeans is also frayed, adding an extra touch of fluidity to the look.

distressed jeans can be worn with a simple blouse or shirt, and a jacket on top for formal occasions. You can match them with flat sandals or a nice pair of sneakers. You can also wear them at night with a black jacket and high heels.

The best thing about the new version of distressed jeans is that they can always have a touch of the straight jeans, ‘boyfriend’ jeans or even culotte jeans. The key to make distress their main attraction.