The types of jasper are classified according to the different ranges of colors, textures and designs. Its name means «stained stone», which derives from the Greek. It is a stone that has some kind of spots and is smooth once worked.

Jasper causes curiosity and above all attraction due to the diversity of aspects it possesses. It is used in a wide market of carvers who are dedicated to jewelry, costume jewelry, sculptures, mosaics, among others.

So that you know its different presentations, we offer you the varieties by colors, appearances and names that jasper has and thus know how to identify them when it crosses with one of its stones. So please pay attention:

Egyptian Jasper: As its name indicates, it appears for the first time in Egypt. This type of jasper has a slightly yellowish color and the typical black stained. It is translucent and low gloss; it can also be obtained in red, although this class is known by the name of «Egyptian jasper incarnate», a variation of the first.

agate jasper: It has a hard and opaque texture, its color is yellowish, brown and even reddish.

blood jasper: It is known as the «blood stone», dark green and with red spots. Sometimes the red spots cover a large part of the stones, and in others there are few spots.

Scenic Jasper: It is brown or beige with black details. It is a lush stone that has a beautiful exotic landscape type design.

Plasma Jasper: Name given to a variation of jasper, it is green with white spots. But it is also possible to get it in a single shade, either green or white.

Jasper «moukaite» or «mokaite»: It is also called «Australian jasper». It has multiple colors, spots and stripes, each one with a typical landscape design (name attributed to it due to the impression it has under the mixture of colors that it contains). It comes in shades of red, pink, yellow and beige, which together achieve an excellent color combination.

Jasper is a stone that captures the attention of anyone who sees it; It is so striking due to the different presentations and designs that there are, that without a doubt, it is a symbol of admiration for any woman who manages to have one in her hands.