Man, in his eagerness to create legendary structures, has sought recognition in the construction of impressive monuments and designs, which have left more than one with their mouths open. Highlighting in this way the incredible imagination, art and great intelligence of the human race. They drew on a wide variety of materials, such as jade, to create these monuments. He knows what those structures are and the reasons why he can’t stop going to see them.

Jade Buddha Temple. Located in the city of Shanghai, in China, this is one of the most important temples in history. As we know, in this country a great value has been given to this mineral since ancient times. The name of this sanctuary was given by the great works that are inside it, made of jade; its construction was made approximately at the end of the 19th century. Inside we can find two statues made of jade, which leave more than one speechless due to its incredible beauty. According to history, they were transferred from Burma by sea.

This temple was built in the reign of Emperor Guang Xu. Each of the Buddhas made is extraordinary, and only one was made with diamond inlays.

Jade Museum. This museum can be visited in Costa Rica, it is still one of the most important for the large number of archaeological pieces of great historical value made of jade, ceramics and stone. Among some of the pieces of great value are the pre-Columbian jade pendants in the shape of a bird. These pieces, truly unique, seem to have a kind of mask that resembles the beak of a bird, with a rectangular appearance and reliefs in the shape of a bird’s tail and wings. There are three in total and they are typical of Guanascate.

Olmec jades. These sculptures were made 500 years BC with aspects of a man with a round face, very similar to those of a baby. The Olmecs believed in different gods, mainly in the sun, water and volcanoes. They were the first to develop culture in Mesoamerica and were faithful worshipers of jade.

Jade Ax God. This jade sculpture is one of the most common found in Costa Rica. Viewing this sculpture from the front, you can admire a kind of V-shaped division in the center of the head; with large eyes and a kind of triangle, which give rise to the face.

There is still much to know about jade. What are you waiting for to discover these pieces of great importance?