Itzmná Mayan God of wisdom, is the representation of science and knowledge. This also includes the wisdom of the intellect, the theory of booksamong other. The father of wisdom raises the importance of living life with purpose, living this wonderful experience in a pure and non-mechanical way like many, interesting right?

Within the popular Mayan culture, there are different Gods; what is equivalent or is known in other religions as «angels». Al Kin, Ix U, Xaman Ek, Ek Chuae, are the names of some of them, knowing that each of these represents different principles for the faithful, such as the God of medicine, war or life.

There have been many scientists who have been studying and analyzing the wonders that the Mayan world offers, their deities and beliefs that continue to captivate us to this day. There are many answers that remain to be known, but it is believed that Itzmná was the first priest within this civilization, being also the creator of writing, which is why he is related so much to wisdom, intellect and books.

Within the framework of these investigations, it was also believed that Itzmná was the supreme God for the Maya.but later, thanks to other discoveries, it was concluded that he was actually the son of the maximum deity called Hunab ku, creator of everything, that is, creator of the universe.

For the Mayans, Itzmná is the God of day and night, considering him as a universal God, capable of awakening in each of us the chaos and restlessness that leads us to the purest creation. The most popular appearance of him is that of an old man, although being an omnipresent entity it was believed that he took different forms depending on the place and celestial level in which he was. Being able to become a bird or a crocodile by obeying the plane in which he was.

Itzmná states that the true man takes place when he accepts the poles of his personality, that is, when you accept the contradictions that are reflected in your desires and emotions. That is why we often feel love and hate for the same person, and there are even days when we wake up more optimistic or patient than others. The idea is to be able to integrate all those facets of our being.

For the Mayan civilization, Itzmná is the perfect manifestation of the creator father who occupies a place in our being. God as father represents wisdom while as mother he gives life to love and protection.

Currently in the state of Yucatan in Mexico, specifically in Izamal is part of the temple in which ceremonies were held in honor of the God Itzmná, so there is no doubt that this Mexican region can be the perfect destination for your next vacation. Being able to know the magical Mayan culture and its mythology that even today arouses the interest of many.